Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Last night I met up with Dr Herbert Tan and mission team from West Malaysia, Tirinity Annual Conference. He used to disciple me in USM way back in 1988. He is doing youth ministry with TRAC and these youths and 2 adults (one missionary and a medical doctor) went to Long Lamai to make disciples of the Penans with Borneo Evangelical Mission (SIB). They were very touched by the presence of Jesus among the Penans. This is Dr Herbert 7th year coming to the Penan midst. Bringing youths all the way from West Malaysia and impacting their lives for Christ. A tedious step like that does not only bless the Penans but also very much impacted their youths and adults. When people young and old love jesus by doing mission, my heart is full of joy.

I will be doing mission among Penans of Ulu Belaganext Monday to Wednesday, with disciple of Jesus, Joseph Tan, pls remember us in your prayers. We need protection of Jesus for journey mercy, protection from the attack of the devil and diseases. There are about 15,000 penans in Sarawak. They are very receptive to the Gospel. SCAC is quite aggressive in reaching them for Christ. Right now, we have 5 full time missionaries helping them in the area of education as they have difficulty going to school. The area will be flooded because of dam construction. We need to win them before they are resettled to other places. We need a lot more missionaries to go on to cover more Penan long houses. At the moment, we still have a few long houses which we sent short term mission term regularly to go in and they need missionaries to do education with them. If you read this writing and you are touched by the need, you may respond to me and we can discuss how to go about getting you involved.

While there is still time, let us together stand up for Jesus and make disciples among Penans of Sarawak. Jesus would love you to do it. Will you?

A faithful disciple of Jesus,
Pastor Law Hui Seng (Miri, 7th Dec, 2011)

Posted By Teresa Han

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Dear brothers and sisters,

Praise the Lord I have something to share with you again. I pray that all of us treasure our time on earth and show our deepest love for the people around. Your love for them will reflect Jesus in your life.

Praise the Lord for my twins who passed all the subjects in their primary 6 UPSR. My effort of calling back from KK to get them to do one sentence in BM really helps very much. They get B and C for comprehension and essay writing. I pray that they will continue to improve their BM and later on, they can use BM to preach and make disciples of all nations. They are not that good in studies but they are willing to try harder. They did not go for tuition and they can still pass all. As a father, I am so proud of them. Of course, my wife deserves all the praise. She has done it with flying colors. We celebrated at Mcdonald on Thursday.

I visited a long house and preached at Sg Burid last Sunday night with Hwai En Methodist Church members. They have been faithfully reaching the folks for about 15 years. Recently they baptized more than 50 persons there. One poor old Iban lady asked for prayer for her bruised arm and I realized she needed medical attention. Praise the Lord the team leader was sensitive to the need and brought her to see doctor that night at Miri General Hospital emergency department. She had a serious fall and broke her wrist bone. We are so glad to be able to show our Christ’s love for her.

A powerful conversation with my son

Few days ago I was involved in approving my twin sons to stay for 2 nights at his classmate’s (Joseph) house. They only approached their mom; and they did not approach me for permission as the father. I thought my wife should say no. My wife respected me as the head of the family (later on I told her after my conversation with my wife), and she referred Elliot to me. I was so happy she did. This gesture had challenged me not to turn down the request straight away without reasoning with them as they wanted it very much. Deep down in my heart, I struggled to let them do it as I do not know the background of Joseph family well enough. However, I decided right then, to use a test to decide whether to allow them to go or not. If Elliot could convince me that he was good enough to handle the security situation, I would let them go. They love fishing, so I asked what if his friend invited them to go fishing without the accompaniment of the adults. He gave the expected answer, no. I asked all the questions to help him to give me explanations for his answer. He said it was dangerous as he might be drowned. I pushed him further and asked what was the big deal about drowning! He said we would be very sad as parents. I said he passed the test and we trusted them to be with his friend’s family to behave themselves during this weekend. After the incident, I told my wife it was actually an encounter where I trained my children.

This incident also helped us to get to know Joseph’s parents, and we had breakfast together this morning. His mother is a Foochow Chinese and his father is a Kayan who speaks Foochow and Mandarin. I am amazed by his ability. We are able to encourage them to be strong in their Christian faith and prayed for them. I even encouraged Joseph to become a pastor like me, and he told his mom about it.

A faithful disciple of Jesus,

Pastor Law Hui Seng
(18th November, 2011. Miri Home)

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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Dear brothers and sisters,

I pray that Jesus is the bottom line for all your decision makings in family, career, relationships, business, ministry, and mission. I pray that you get personal with Jesus in every sense.

I have been one week in Miri. It is excellent to be with my family and I enjoy every second of it. I see improvements in my 4 children's character. They are more responsible in doing house chores; more harmonious; and more cooperative.

My blood pressure has gone down a bit (130/90), though it is still slightly higher. I managed to reduce about 4kg this year! It is a tremendous boost to my health. My bad cholestrol is reduced, though it is on high side, the cholestrol level in my level is restored to normal; my uric acid level has gone down. This is a great news which encourages me for I take good care of my temple of God (where the Holy Spirit dwells) and I do not sin against Jesus by the sin of glutonny.

This morning I preached at Sekolah Menengah Kerajaan Lutong. I preached Jesus is the way to eternal life to over 300 students who will sit for SPM and STPM on Monday, teachers, and parents who are christians and non-christian. I emphasized the way of Jesus and come to Jesus to look for help in Jesus. I shared about how Jesus helped me to overcome my dyslexia by studying hard; how Jesus helped my son, Elliot, a dyslexic, to overcome his dyslexia. I shared about how I am not good in studies but I always study and work hard. I was invited to that school near my Miri home by my Form 6 (Sibu, Sacred Heart Secondary School) classmate, sister Magdalene Su. She was always the top student, and I asked the students to emulate her example.

Western Chess - An Excellent Fellowship with Rev Jatan
During the last week of my last semester, after I finished all the research papers, I acquired the skill of Western Chess. (By the way, my sincere thanks to brothers and sisters who pray for me during my stressful time of reading quite a few thousands of Christian literature and writing 5 papers of 10,000 words each. I experienced Jesus in a real personal manner in my research about how to become a Bahasa Malaysia speaking pastor)

Thank for Rev Jatan, an Iban speaking pastor from Sarawak Iban Annual Conference, a sister conference of Sarawak Chinese Annual Conference, where I belong, as a Methodist. I never forget the skill he taught me. That night, after the 2 defeats, I learn so much and I realized the western chess could be as complicated as the Chinese chess, if not more complicated. It is such a wonderful game which I should have learnt earlier! Anyway, I have no regret of learning it at my age of 45!

Though defeated in those 2 games, my relationship with Rev Jatan is very much closer. During those solid one and half hour, I need to imagine what he imagined. I need to enter his mind and tried to find out what he thought. That was fellowship. Also, after the game, we spent another hour sharing about ministry, learning in humility, and mutual encouragement. That was real close fellowship. He taught a few tricks and strategies in western chess.

Praise the Lord, I now have a very good grasp of the western chess. I came back to Miri, and I passed my western chess skill to my 3 younger children who are willing to learn from me. They feel good about defeating me as our standards are the same! They like to play with me because they beat their dad. As a result, I also experienced very good fellowship with them. I use western to train them to do social interaction, analysis, planning, and learning to take defeats and winnings in life.

I thank Jesus for sending Rev Jatan to teach me this great skill of Western chess. He may have achieved much more in me than he thinks as I also tell my children to teach his friends.
By all means, spend time with your family members and enjoy fellowship with them in chess, and other things you do for relaxation.

God bless.

A faithful disciple of Jesus,
Pastor Law Hui Seng
Saturday, ‎12 ‎November, ‎2011

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Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Dear brothers and sisters,

Praise the Lord, after 2 months, I am now back to writing my update and some meditation again. I have finally finished all my research papers on making disiciples, globalization and becoming BM pastors. Honestly, these papers have helped me to find answers to the challenges I face in my last 17 years of ministry and BM ministry in particular. I feel like I want to share the answers as soon as possible. With this, all my course works are done, I now left only the 2 examinations which I shall sit on early January, and the thesis proposal before the Chinese New Year. Thanks very much to all of you who pray for me and my family.

I will be back to Miri on 6th November, and I shall come back to KK again on 2nd January, 2012.


I am speaking as a faithful disciple of Jesus. I pray for politicians in Malaysia in view of the next General Election which is only due in 2013.
I strongly believe that whoever holds the power to the next government, they are being put there by God Almighty, all the more Jesus Christ.
Jesus is looking for politicians whose greatest conviction and calling on earth is to serve the rakyat with compassion, strong accountability, humility and able to admit mistakes and say sorry, willing to set a high standard of morality and character, treating all races and ethnic groups with love, and justice regardless of religions, race and gender, having a special place in his or her heart, mind and soul for the poor people, willing to meet the needs of the rakyat like a shepherd who takes care of his sheep (or like parents who take care of his children), and most important of all, write laws that put people's interest at heart. May Jesus call these kinds of politicians to office in the next General Election.

In the next general election, I pray for candidates who are corrupted; who practices cronyism and nepotism; who are going in to get as much land, projects, undertable money, and benefits; who thinks and behaves like he or she is a master and the rakyat are his or her servants; who only takes care of one race; who practices injustice, Jesus will remove them from office. May Jesus help him or her to repent and start all over.
Jesus is against greed, corruption, injustice, selfishness, racialism, concentration of wealth and resources of the country in the hands of a few big corporates, hatred, and policies who do not bear in mind the poor people.

May brothers and sisters pray for upright, putting rakyat's interest above all other interests, honest, responsible, moral, humble, and God fearing politicians to rule Malaysia.
A Faithful Disciple of Jesus,
Pastor Law Hui Seng
(29th October, 2012, STS, KK)

Posted By Teresa Han

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

What do you need in life?

I can assure you that all of us in a gathering like this mooncake festival will definitely be blessed. The reason is very simple, God, who created the earth and human beings like you and me, love to see His children to gather together in peace. I believe after this, you will have very good memory of one another. You will have very good memory of one another because someone here remember you and invite you here. I pray to the Almigty God that after the gathering tonight we will not forget one another. Also, I pray that you will not forget about the message tonight.

My message to you tonight is "What do you need in life?" May be every one of us say we need money. And especially when we are very sick, we cannot go to work, we realize health is everything to us. When we are lonely, frustrated, felt nobody understand us, rejected, looked down by people, we especially feel the need for good, trustworthy, dependable, understanding, and caring friends, relatives and loved ones. Especially when we are in a big trouble, may be a conflict, threatened by very bad health, or even gangsters, threatened by a financial trouble (or worst still, you may have been too greedy, you have been cheated or failed in business, you face bankruptcy), you just feel you need someone who can help you, offer you a solution to solve your trouble. Have you had this experience before? May be you are in it now.

Some of us may have relationship problems between husband and wife. You may feel that your spouse cannot understand you and you are not appreciated and not wanted, you may even want a divorce at all costs because you cannot stand it anymore with all the stress. You feel you need someone to talk to.

Some of us you face high degree of stress, anxiety and frustration because of your children disobey you. They are addicted to computer, not studying, fight back and argue with you when you discipline them. You do not have an answer. You wish someone can come and share with you the asnwers on children nurture.

May be some of us are in illegal business, you are afraid that one day you will be caught, fined or put in jail, or sentence to death. So, you are all the time living in fear and anxiety. How you wish to get out of it but you cannot because you are entangled. Or, you do not want to get out of it because of the attractive income. But you always tensions in your heart and you have no peace. How you wish someone will show you a way out.
Especially when you are in a desperate situation, when all the human means are exhausted, you really wish there is a divine power to help you.
Now, I am not trying to sell expensive here. I just want to share with you how this divine power which I have accessed to transformed my life. I am a graduate of a local University, University Science of Malaysia (USM), Pulau Pinang, in Political Science in 1991. I used to be a very ambitious person when I was young, I aspired to be the deputy chief ministery of Sarawak when I grew up. Holding a lot of power and positions and status and society. I dreamt of living in a big house and driving luxurious cars. I am now 45 years old, married with 4 children, and I have a pastor in the Methodist Churches of Sarawak for 17 years. Why I changed my mind?

During my university second year, one night I prayed to God for university students, strangely, the more I prayed, I did not experience peace I have always wanted. I asked this God (Jesus), why I prayed and yet I did not have peace? By the way, I prayed to Jesus whom I believed since primary 4 when I attended church Sunday Schoool. He told me to give up all my dreams and serve Him as a pastor! Jesus spoke to my heart. Before this, I never heard Jesus calling me like that.

I honestly want to tell you tonight I did not have any struggle at all, I just gave out like that. If this what this divine God, Jesus want me to do, I do it. The moment I let go of my own dreams, peace is restored in my heart. Then, upon graduation, I went on to study theology for 3 years at Singapore to train myself to become a pastor.

What I do now is to stand between this God, Jesus, and people, like you. I always go to Jesus, who died for the sins of human beings on the cross, buried, and the third day rose from the death, now He is living. He has the power to forgive your sins; and grant you eternal life. No other human being ever died and became alive again, right? Have you come across one human like that? Jesus is God, the Almihgty God who became a human being 2,000 years ago. Only God can become human being, and died and live again. If Jesus is not God, I am lying here, I am wasting my time here, why I do not become a politician and enjoy all the luxurious life?

All the needs of human beings in life which I mentioned to you just now, they are all important needs. All these needs point to our greatest human for love. Why divorce? No love between husband and wife. Why cancer patients need doctors and nurses and family members to be around them? Why when you have a problem or a crisis, you need someone to help you or talk to you? You need love. You need love of fellow human beings.

But human love is limited, it does not solve all the problems. Just now I preached to you that sometimes the kind of problems you faced, you need divine intervention. Also, you cannot solve your own problem of your sins; and where do you go after you leave this world.

Tonight, I want to introduce you to this great God, Almighty, Jesus who according to the bible want to become your friend who can help you in all your problems, forgive your sins and grant you eternal life. Do you want to accept this friend into your hearts?

Just now I say I am standing between this Almighty God and you, in fact I mean myself and all christians, and all those who desire to become Jesus friends, you have accessed to His power and blessings. I just want to introduce you Jesus as a friend, do you welcome him into your heart? I have done that, my life is transformed. If I do not know Jesus and I had not invited Him into my life, I would have been dead by now because when I was young I used to mix with gangsters in Sibu. My neigbour gew up as gangster, and eventually he was killed as gangster.

Do grasp this opportunity to accept Jesus as your friend in this gathering. He is inviting you now to be His friend. As you accept His friendship, He will bless you all the way in your life. Do you want this blessing throughout your life and eternity?

Pastor Law Hui Seng
‎Monday, ‎12 ‎September, ‎2011

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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

‎Sunday, ‎14 ‎August, ‎2011

Dear brothers and sisters,
I am now back to STS, KK. I returned on 6th August. I went through a very enriched, challenged and intensive week of readings and lectures on the course on "Globalization and Missions". It really opened my eyes to see how globalization impacts the Church and Christians; how we should do missions and discipleship.

Praise the Lord, my wife heart valve leakage check at Kuching showed heart condition is not worsening but she needs to do regular follow up. I thank Jesus for His grace and mercy upon my 4 children. The twins seem to see realize the importance of education for their lives (me and my wife always pray for that to happen). All 4 of them now help out in the household chores like washing dishes and sweeping the floor. It is an answered prayer also!
Deputy Chief Minister of Sarawak

Before I came here, I visited 2 YBs (Alan Ling Sie Kiong and Fong Pau Teck) of Miri with a few pastors and lay people on the 5th August. They are real humble state assembly men of Sarawak, from Democratic Action Party (DAP). I invited them to listen to my sermon at Hwai En Methodist Church on 31st July, they came. Anyway, brother Alan Ling is worshipping at Mei Ann and brother Fong is worshipping at Hwai En.

I wanted them to listen to my sermon at Hwai En on 31st July because I know they are very much serving the indigenous people of Sarawak. I preached a sermon on changing our Chinese mindset to make disciples among Ibans and other tribal groups. After they listened, I made appointment to see them. I told them my purpose was to pray and encourage them. I was so excited, encouraged and glad I could easily see them. Ever since the Sunday, every day I was preparing myself to bring up important things with them. Every day, I rehearsed in my mind the important things to say and even to be humorous about. As I did so, I also prayed about it. The more I thought about it, the more Jesus told me not to go alone but to bring in our Miri District Superintendent, Miri District Social Concerns Commission Chairlady and my fellow Pastor, Tan Chung Kiat (who is passionate about politics). I obeyed Jesus to call the DS and she just agreed.

In that one and half hour of meeting, it was full of laughter and I believed the presence of God also. We introduced ourselves to one another. I really joked about my previous dream of becoming a Deputy Chief Minister of Sarawak in my early days of studies at Penang USM, where I did my major in Political Science. I said God changed my mind and I turned out to be a pastor! My DS and bro Alan Ling joked about my dream. Whenever I joke about it, people always tell me it is still possible. My response to them is this: I am very sure of God's calling to be a pastor and I shall participate with the rest of the Church in transforming Sarawak (in particular) and Malaysia (in general).
We really shared about concerns for the society with them. We hope that they will refer cases like very poor people, marital troubles, orphans, and people with troubles, victims of all kinds of disasters, etc to us as we have agencies to possibly meet their needs. Sister Magdalene our District Social Concerns Chairlady introduced our Methodist Children Home, Sincere (counseling) and Hope (mentally challenged) Centers. Pastor Tan shared about Gan En church ministry with the Iban long houses for 13 years. So, we are now linked. I strongly believe that Jesus will open more doors for us to care and make disciples of the poor and needy.

YB Fong shared about his conviction to serve the people of Sarawak in politics. It all started with a need and he is passionate about pursuing it. To pursue his passion, he equipped himself in Taiwan and spent 30 months in England to observe how the political system there worked!
I affirmed them what they were doing for the Miri was on the right track and they should keep doing it. Pressing on the needs for transparency in government policies, justice, helping the poor, reaching out to the indigenous people, corruption free, etc by the political party are right moves. I really grasped the opportunity to stress on corruption free on running a government. We hoped they will keep introducing new political culture to the present politics of Sarawak. By no means, they practice corruption!

I also said to both of them that I had a burden to do bible studies with politicians. In fact, in my mind, what I hope to do with them is to make disciples of politicians so that they can be strong politicians for the truths which they are pursuing all the time. Do pray that this will become a reality in my life time.

I pray that all of you will show concerns for our politicians by praying for them; show concerns for politics by not practicing bribery, voting and encouraging the politicians both from the opposition and the government.

A faithful disciple of Jesus,
Pastor Law Hui Seng
Posted by Teresa Han

Monday, August 8, 2011

Dear brothers and sisters,

Praise the Lord despite a very busy reading schedule I can still write to you. I enjoy learning from those highly reccommended books. Every time when I learn new things, my hear is overjoyed and really felt it is a great privilege to study again. However, I have to do it with the great understanding of my wife and 4 children. My wife, Julia, recently fell sick and praise the Lord, she is recovering well. Every time I talk about my wife, I am so proud of her. She is not only (I almost leave out the 'not', as I tend to do most of the times. Otherwise, the meaning is completely different) a great wife and a great mother, but she is very much a great blessing to GMC GB and Pujut School GB.

My father-in-law is doing mission with me.
For about 2 months, my father-in-law (94 years old), Mr Chin Thin Chu and me, we had not played Chinese chess. I went home for my semester break and he fell ill and hospitalized for one week for pneumonia. We started again yesterday. He had his one eye lensored and now he can see clearly. His other eye is not working. I had a very spiritual encounter with him last Sunday. I just felt Jesus is using him to do mission on me. He may not see it that way, but as you read my testimony, you will understand why.
I won the first game in a very unusual manner. Right from the beginning I made a very major careless mistake. I made a careless move which resulted in the death of my one (out of 2) canon, the second most powerful agent. Then, he went on to attack me all the way. At the crucial point of the game, where if I did not sacrifice my (one out of 2) vehicle in exchange for his canon, the most powerful agent, he would defeat me. He also I chose not to give up so soon and persevere to give him a good fight. I believe from my past experience before a game ended, anything could happen.

In the process of my defence, I made a crucial move to counter attack and he did not calculated it and I guessed when he was at his strongest, it was also his weakest moment because he thought I was weak and I could not do much. As I counter attacked, he made a careless move which resulted in the death of his vehicle. It was a great moral blow to him. I was also very happy and it was my strongest moment and also my weakest moment. When he attacked me again, I did not calculate my move carefully, I lost my canon again. No more cannon. I was taught secon lesson for my carelessness. By now, the game was 50 50. However, I was able to catch his favorite horse, that was not in his calculation. In the end, I was left with 2 powerful horses and he got only 1 horse. He surrendered the game.

I learn from this game that in life, when you have small losses or defeat, you just do not give up, Jesus is always there to see you through, especially if I learn to correct myself of the wrong move and start all over again. Like the chess game, I did not give and continue to make the correct, in the end I still won.

However, as I played the second game, I was defeated in a bad manner. I could not recover from the attack. My major mistake was to pay great attention to his 'small fry' of the soldier (which turned up to be the giant killer as it was responsible to set the stage for all the fierce attack) coming down to my territory, a great threat to me. In the process of thinking how to get rid of it I neglect to calculate his other (larger picture) hidden plans of attacking me. As I reflect I made the serious mistake of beat the tree but miss the bush.

In life, we can pay 100% attention to something small and unimportant things and miss the larger picture of life like our family, relationships, christian testimony, values and character, etc.

I hope you see why my father-in-law is doing mission with me at the chinese chess. In fact, he was very excited about the games and he wanted to continue with the third game but I really said that I need to come back to hostel to do my studies.

A Faithful disciple of Jesus,
Pastor Law Hui Seng
‎(Monday, ‎4 ‎July, ‎2011, STS, KK)

Posted by Teresa Han
‎Monday, ‎18 ‎July, ‎2011

Dear brothers and sisters,

Praise the Lord, after a break of one week from writing my weekly reflection, I now still can come back to do it again. Last week I was simply too busy to do my daily theological readings of about 100 pages a day for 4 subjects. Now, I learn that I do not need to read that many pages, I just concentrated on reading those subjects which require me to pass up my work earlier. Now, I am in the midst of summarizing main points for the 3 books (finished) on curriculum development. The most powerful lesson I learn in this subject is that truth pursuit must be based on relationships between human beings and all others. The author points to love that binds all relationships. Please pray that all these truths which I acquire will be reflected in my life and behavior, especially when I make disciples of all nations.
Last 2 Sundays I had great encounter with Jesus again in my games of Chinese chess with my father-in-law. Jesus gave me 2 powerful lessons. I shall just state the 2 lessons and elaborate a bit, and I pray that Jesus will help you to do your own applications in your life.

I cannot be perfect
No matter how careful, alert, how detail I was in my calculations (reading his game), there were blind spots, miscalculations and weakness in my chess which I could not see. I played that game for more than one hour, though I lost, I learnt so much. I learn that no matter how holy I am, how close I am with Jesus, I still sin against Him. I cannot be perfect. I have to accept it. I paid attention to my inner feelings, I am glad to tell you that though I lost the game, I was not disappointed, not defeated, not angry, not blamed myself as I had tried my best; not sad; have no sense of 'revenge' (of course I always aim to win every game from the beginning of it though I am comparatively weaker than my father-in-law). I was at peace with myself. Though I lost the game, I told him I enjoyed myself as I learnt much spiritual and I enjoyed learning from my mistakes. I enjoyed learning from him on how to attack. You see, he is my great Si Fu and I am a great learner. He commented that I was very concentrated in my game. I have always having trouble in concentrating in hearing people, sermons, studying, etc. I do not mind all these confessions. I believe Jesus is using playing chess to train me to concentrate and focus! No matter what weaknesses, imperfections and shortcomings I have, I have always learnt to improve myself. I never give up learning.

When I am the strongest, I am in fact the weakest
I lost my first game yesterday in a most unusual manner. You see how I made a fool of myself. I was losing right from the beginning. However, I was able to waive off all the attacks and I even emerged on the way to winning and kept attacking him. I was very determined to win the game. I made the terrible miscalculation that he would never fight back again and however he attacked me I would defend. All the time I was attacking, I felt I was winning and only thought of winning. This was also my weakest moment as I failed to discover his subtle planning and in the end, I had no answer to his sudden attack and I lost a well fought game. I learnt that when I was winning, I was too proud and underestimating my opponent and my defense was the weakest. He did not give up and ceased the moment, the only moment, the only chance he may have to finish me. I reflect that in life, when everything is so successful and so good, I can be at my pride and not even notice it, the devil or any person out there or even myself can cause me to fall or sin against God.

Praise the Lord for the 2 great lessons. I pray that my chess experience can inspire you to love Jesus and be His faithful disciples.

A faithful disciple of Jesus,
Pastor Law Hui Seng

Posted by Teresa Han
‎Sunday, ‎24 ‎July, ‎2011
Dear brothers and sisters,

I pray that all of us are working hard towards a stronger faith in Jesus and be His disciples out in the world. I know you at times you may fail, I pray that you keep coming to Jesus for empowerement and help. He will show the way to be His disciple.

My blood pressure goes up to 140/100 again. This not good for me. May be it is because I am giving myself all the unnecessary pressure to read 100 pages a day. I need to learn to relax and take it easy. I will be going back to Miri on 29th July and come back on 6th August during our STS reading week. I look forward to be with my family once a month. Now, I like to share with you how real is Jesus to me.

Jesus is very real to me
At the beginning of the year, I took on the adventure of trusting Jesus to help me to bring back all the books I need for research from the different states in US. I told Jesus that He knew my needs, I am doing this research to make disciples of all nations (especially among the Ibans and indigenous people of Sarawak), His mission for His disciples on earth. I told Jesus He needed to arrange someone in US to bring back those books in time for my research of different subjects. I asked Him for names whom I could approach. As I prayed, and prayed, He gave me names to contact. I managed to contact them. I prayed and I took actions as the names came to me. I ordered the used books from and sent to addressees in US. US bookrooms do not post used books to Sabah. All these 40 over books are treasures for my research. Over here in Sabah or in Sarawak, you have money, you cannot get them. There were 3 books when I ordered and I only had about 5 days' time to wait for my lecturer to bring back from US. The transportation instruction said it would take 2 to 3 weeks to arrive at the US address but my lecturer received 2 books within 5 days. The other book I also got it in time for me to do research. It saved me quite a lot of money in transportation costs just to get someone to send the used books back to Sabah.

Every one of those books which I read, it reminds me of God's faithfulness in providing for my needs. As a result these books with joy and gratitude all the time. All these books are highly recommended by lecturers and you can imagine the rich learning and equipping I get.

I prayed a lot for these books to arrive. In fact, especially the last 3 books, I trusted Jeus for a miracle. I prayed as I remembered it every day. I reminded Jesus to remind the workers, the addressees, the postmen and all those who handled my books not to delay my books. When I received the books in good timing, my heart rejoiced for Jesus was so understanding. He really provided for my needs and He really made sure that what I needed in ministry, He blessed. I have this faith in Him that He will do it all the time for me. There is no reason for Him not to bless me as I obey His call to do His will and mission on earth.

My faith is again and again strengthened (relationship with Jesus) through incidents like that. In the most powerful name of Jesus, I write to tell you that as you obey Jesus to do His will and mission, He is there for you. Will you trust Him? I pray that you do.

A faithful disciple of Jesus,
Pastor Law Hui Seng
Posted by Teresa Han

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

‎Monday, ‎1 ‎August, ‎2011

Dear brothers and sisters,

Praise the Lord I can be in fellowship with you out again.
I am spending time with my family (in Miri) in this one week of STS reading time.

I am now sitting with my children around me doing their studies in Miri home. My Tobias suddenly announced to me he scored one of his highest Mathematic marks in a trial paper for his primary 6 examination. I told him it was because Jesus who helped him. In mind I said so because I have been praying for my twins that Jesus helped to improve their as they try harder. He answered that Jesus indeed helped him but at the same time, he also worked at it. I am glad that my son know that he cannot be just depending on Jesus without putting in his own effort.

Tonight, my wife prepared steam boat for dinner. I remembered I told Julia, my wife, I grateful for it. My 3 younger children forgot to do it. They normally do it over the meals all the time. I asked them to go and do it and they did. They were obedient and cooperative. We had a very good fellowship over the table. It was so good that I want to write a testimony to you. I do with all sincerity and transparency. I really felt the warmth.

A memorable fellowship

In the midst of the dinner, my son Elliot asked me how was the food. I hesitated to answer good because it was not my real feeling. I said not bad. Then, he commented that I must be making myself a "rubbish dump". He even said if I knew what he meant or not. I said I did and then he asked for the meaning from me. I pointed to my stomach and explained that whatever they did not want to eat, I ate and treated my stomach as the rubbish dump. He said I got what he meant. I said he really knew the daddy's mindset. I told him he knew what I was in mind.

I laughed and laughed and went in close fellowship with him and the rest. I was prompted to think and say, "Since you know I am thinking, do you what your dad expect you to be? Do you know if dad is expecting you to become a pastor?" I fact, as said it, I laughed. He really smiled and said, "Of course I know." I told him, "You really know what is in my mind."

In another part of the conversation, I commented that they were awakened. The twins commented that they had already awakened much earlier. I responded and said to “tease” them and said, “How come you all have not seen the importance of education for your life?” I always pray for it to happen to them and it is always in my mind for my children. To prove that they have awakened to the importance of education, they said, “Studies will equip them to find a better job.” At this Julia also grasp the opportunity to come in and asked, “How come you all are not studying harder for their UPSR and still relaxing as it is only about one and half month left?” The twins smiled and insisted that they have been trying harder. After this we engaged them in great jokes and teases. It was really a great fellowship.

Immediately after that encounter, I thought it was an excellent fellowship with my family and so I wrote down the above note.
I pray that we all enjoy our fellowship with our family members and treasure our relationship while we are with them. By no means distant yourself from family members as the devil wants you to do it.

A faithful disciple of Jesus,
Pastor Law Hui Seng
(Miri Home)

Posted by Teresa Han

Monday, June 13, 2011

Dear brothers and sisters,

I am very proud to introduce to you a disciple of Jesus as my weekly reflection. He is simply extraordinary. I should know him earlier and serve with him earlier. Please get to know this brother and be encouraged by him and inspired by him like I do.

Joseph Tan
I came to know him a few years ago at Miri District Methodist Badminton Competition. He attracted my attention when he cheered for Grace Methodist Church’s team. He was our opposing team. Then, we met again at Soon Hup National Service Camp for Form 5 leavers when I preached. On the way there and came back, we joked and we became good friends in Christ. This is brother who loves his wife who is Mandarin speaking. He is very much English speaking but he sacrificed for his wife (who is very committed to serve at Yi En Methodist). He tried his best to serve there. He is willing to be equipped to serve and he even came to attend GMC leadership training. He told me his desire to do mission.

Board of Evangelism of Sarawak Chinese Annual Conference started to make disciples of the Penans at Ulu Belaga in 2009. Last year, I invited him to come along. We did a mission survey at Long Malim. It was about 10 hours of long drive from Miri, making up 6 hours long dangerous journey on timber roads. We responded to go because the Penans there told our teacher missionaries (5 at Ulu Belaga Shin Yang built Penan long houses) to go there to teach their children. I lead the team and brother Joseph was one of the team members.

During the trip to several Penan long houses, I was encouraged by his service to the Penan children. He simply loved the Penan like I did. He sang and played with them. He taught them alphabets and numbers. He cut their finger nails and washed their hair. He spoke Bahasa Malaysia with them. He surveyed Long Malim Penan long houses with me. He was touched by their needs for the gospel and education. The Penans were semi-Christians as lots of them (adults) claimed to be Christians but they were not baptized. They welcome us back to teach their children and adults the word of God.

I believe Brother Joseph heard the heart cry of the Long Malim Penans. There are about 100 of them there but they are isolated from the nearest school and timber camps. They built their own simple long houses and live on rice. Brother Joseph told me he desired to go back to that long house again in 2010. I remembered his promise. I believe he prayed much about it and he successfully mobilized Yi En Methodist to do it.

In fact, after that mission survey we served together in reaching out to a rural school and we met for coffee to talk about future mission. He called me out to talk about it. I also helped him to link with others in mission to the Penans. We really became good friends in Christ because of mission.

Just now, he called me to update me on Yi En Methodist Church mission! That call encouraged me to write this weekly reflection! As he updated me with his church 3 monthly mission trip to Long Malim, I was so touched by his excitement to do mission. He shared with me that he even mobilized his wife and only young daughter to go there. His commitment is serious and not lukewarm. He is not entertaining me. He caught the vision of Jesus. It was very tough to mobilize church members to go but he has done it 2 to 3 times. He said that they had gone there 2 times this year and they will go again September and December. He knew the urgency as that area will be flooded soon and the Penans need to move away.

God used Brother Joseph to stir Yi En Methodist brothers and sisters to do local mission. He was so encouraged by God’s healing upon a Penan who was down with malaria disease in the last mission trip which happened a few days ago. The Penan was weak and lied on bed and requested for prayer. He assured him of Jesus healing and the Penan was able to join their meeting the next day. I believe Jesus used their hands to heal the sick Penan. He called me just now to share with me the presence of God with them. I can understand how God uses him to mobilize Yi En church members to do mission.

On top of all these, Brother Joseph shared with great excitement that the Penans there even built the toilet using the material provided by them. Eventually, the Penans even built a ‘bungalow’ for the mission team to go back and stay there. You see how the Penans love mission team to go back there!

May Brother Joseph Tan’s good example encourage us to make disciples of the indigenous people of Sarawak.

A Faithful disciple of Jesus,
Pastor Law Hui Seng
(10th June, 2011, Miri)

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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Dear brothers and sisters,

Praise the Lord I had a chance to preach at Grace Methodist Church (which I pastor for 9 years) after 5 months plus of theological studies. I felt I had something important to offer them. I was able to emphasize to them the social aspect of salvation. Highlighting especially on the great need to reach to the poor not only in terms of spiritual salvation but also very much on salvation from poverty. I was encouraged to hear 5 persons complementing me for my sermon.

My wife, Julia Chin, is testifying for Jesus.

In this reflection I want to do something that normally a pastor or a theological student does not do. I just want to testify how Jesus used my wife to serve me and 4 children and a lot of people, especially church members.

We are married now for 17 years, by today. My children (Grace – 16; Tobias & Elliot – 12; Mercy -11) are growing fine. One used to be a dyslexic but after receiving 3 months of special learning at Kuching Dyslexia Association, he is now doing quite well in his studies.

My wife’s 4 years of theological studies at Trinity Theological College at Singapore were sponsored by 7 faithful brothers and sisters. She obtained her Bachelor of Divinity in Mandarin. We got married immediately after graduation in May, 1994. After marriage, we decided for her to give priority to family and serve the churches with me and helping me in whatever way she could. We decided she should not be employed as a pastor. She should concentrate on the family.

We had our first child, Grace, in 1995 (Bintulu); the twin boys were born in 1999 (Kuching) and the youngest Mercy in 2000 (Kuching). When we were in Bintulu, before her pregnancy for the first 5 months after our graduation, she would follow me to visit church members both in Bintulu Taman Li Hua Preaching Point and Batu Niah Preaching Point. The 2 churches are about one and half hour apart by bus. She helped out in the children ministry on the ad-hoc basis. She was also my driver in the first 5 months as I had not obtained my car driving license. That was the second half of 1994. Right from the beginning I saw that she was gifted to serve children. She loves children. Praise the Lord He bless us with 4 children.

In 1995, though she was pregnant, occasionally, she still followed me to Tatau Preaching Centre from Emannuel Methodist Church (Bintulu), an English speaking church. By car, the 2 churches were about one hour apart. At Tatau, during weekend, she helped out the Mandarin youth fellowship and children ministry on ad-hoc basis. Especially in Tatau, she also brought along Grace in pastoral visitation with church members. There were only about 70 adults, youths and children. It was a small town and it was easy for her to join us. It was a small congregation and she remembered most of the church members. This went on until end of 1997. Then, in 1998 we were posted to Chin Daw Methodist Church (Mandarin) and Faith Methodist Church (English).

For the first year in Kuching, she still continued to follow me in visitation occasionally with Chin Daw church members. She also served in the women’s fellowship. In 1999, we were posted to Faith Methodist Church and Lundu Preaching Centre. She was pregnant with the twin boys. Despite being pregnant, she pioneered to start the Mandarin congregation children Sunday School with a few sisters. She was one of the Sunday School teaches till we left Kuching by the end of 2001. I observed that she served happily in the Sunday School with other teachers. She was always excited and keen to nurture the children. She always tried to prepare her lessons well in the midst of being a mother and a wife. Having 3 children, by 2001, a few church members helped to secure an Indonesian maid for us. This helped her to serve in the Sunday School.

1999 to 2001, I had to juggle between Kuching and Lundu, about 2 hours of church van drive during weekend. She had no objection to my 3 years of regular weekly traveling. She was very supportive of my ministry. She prayed for me and served me, taking very good care of 3 children and the fourth one coming by the end of year 2000. In the year 2000, Grace entered kindergarten, she also taught her in studies.

2002 to 2010, we posted to Grace Methodist Church (Miri). A few church members again helped us to secure an Indonesian maid for 4 years. She could be released to serve especially in the Girls’ Brigade. She helped to pioneer the 4th Miri. This year is her 10th year in GB. For the past 9 years 5 months she was dedicated to serve the girls and children. She spent time to work out craftwork for the girls. She is concerned about the character development of the girls. She works closely with their parents. She is sensitive to the needs of the girls. Since last year she served with a few church members and Pujut Primary Schools teachers, some 100 girls at the school on Wednesday. I am very encouraged by her dedication to do this extra work. I was ( and also the church) praying for more sisters to come forward but very few came forward. In the end we see answered prayer in the form of teachers from the school. Anyway, my wife’s willingness to do it somehow helped to start the GB ministry in the school. How can I say she is not testifying for Jesus?

For the past 17 years, my wife did all the 3 meals for me and the 4 children without complaint. She was never tired of marketing and shopping for goods. She managed all my money and our family spending. She spent within our limits and save whenever she can. That explained why we could buy a house in Miri. She supported me in counseling church members. She encouraged me to serve fervently and passionately by taking very good care of 4 children and not let me worry about them. She interceded for me. She defended for me when I faced unfair criticism. There was one time, when I was suddenly taken ill, she even took over the pulpit on Sunday both in Chin Daw and Faith. Then, another time I fell very ill, she preached in Grace.

In the last 5 months she did a fantastic job by taking of the 4 children without my presence. As we decided not to study at STS with our family, she has to bear all the burden on her own! I could only pray everyday for her and 4 children and give her some encouragement through telephone everyday. From Monday to Friday, everyday, she is on the road for more than 2 hours, sending the 4 children to school and tuition centers. On top of all these, she has to cope with children nagging and disobedience. I could imagine the pressure and stress she faced in the past 5 months without me. This is one very important reason why I write this appreciation. I want to really appreciate her from the bottom of my heart. I also get my children to appreciate her.

May be I must also share with you that she has to bear the challenge of her heart. She is born with heart valve leakage. Heart specialist rated seriousness of her condition as between moderate and severe, though she has not reached a stage where she needs to be operated. She tends to get tired more easily than others. I sometimes treat her as a normal person and put her to more work and I do not realize it. God has mercy on me. She is bearing all the pressure and stress and serve me and the 4 children and the church children.

I am very proud of my wife, Julia Chin, whose life makes such a big difference for Jesus. I pray that Jesus will heal her heart valve leakage so that she does not need to go through all the risks of operation.

Husband of Julia Chin,
Law Hui Seng
(29th May, 2011, Miri)

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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Dear brothers and sisters,

I have been in Miri since 14th May. I am really enjoying my time with my wife and 4 children. I seem to treasure my time with them more everyday compared to when I was with them everyday last time. I have been playing chess and basketball with my children. I have also been watching TV with them; teaching them in BM and other subjects. I feel like I am able to make up for the loss of last few years. I am all the time being reminded by my wife and Christian literature that they cannot wait for me. I feel very good to spend time with them.

One child asked me to play chess and basketball, I was very proud to be able to do it. Last time I could not do it promptly. Now, the 4 children are all asking me to go for swimming during their school holidays. I will be there.

Also, my blood pressure has returned to its normal level, 125 over 85. It is something I believe can help me in my service to God and make disciples of all nations, both among Chinese and the indigenous people of Sarawak.

I also pray that you all also treasure your time with your family members.

A faithful disciple of Jesus,
Pastor Law Hui Seng
(22nd May, 2011, Miri)

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Monday, May 16, 2011

Dear brothers and sisters,

Praise the Lord I have completed all my assignments. I passed up my last paper on 14th May. I really enjoyed doing all the papers. It was a great privilege to be able to spend time to think through the issues of life and ministry and I dealt with them in my papers. I felt like I became more confident after that.

Iban people need Jesus

Today I preached at Tudan Methodist Church in Miri. I felt very at home with the over 100 congregation Iban brothers and sisters. I felt very good to be with them. I preached a sermon on honoring parents in Bahasa Malaysia (Malay Language). After my preaching, I announced for the congregation to come forward after service to be prayed for. It was part of my sermon.

Based on James 5, I always use olive oil to anoint and bless them. About 15 parents and youths came forward. I ministered with brother Wong Kung Kui. He has great burden to do mission among Ibans also. A few cases warrant my records here. The following most striking cases again reminds me of the great need of Ibans for Jesus.

This middle aged Iban had a dream where he lost one tooth last night. He confessed that normally in Iban culture, it meant very bad things was going to happen. He was very worried and scared of it. As he described it, he almost cried. I could see he was holding back his tears though he eyes were wet. I assured him of the greatest power of Jesus in overcoming the so called bad omen of the dream. I kept emphasizing not to believe in the dream but believe in Jesus to overcome the dream. I also explained that it was psychological to dream about it as he might be worried day time. I also told him if it was the devil’s attack Jesus could overcome it also. Then, I put in all my heart to anoint him and bless him. I asked bro Kung Kui who understood his situation better than me to pray and lay hands on him. As he prayed, I notice drops of tears coming down from his eyes and he even cried out. I strongly believed that Jesus used our prayers to minister to him and he felt relieved. After that I gave him a good hug and I really told him, “Jesus loves you” in BM.

In another case, one mother complained about the rebellion of his son. My heart felt for him (and cried) and really advised him he must repent, only then, there was future for him. In the end, I felt so much for him I even gave him a very good hug.

One sister in her early 30s came forward to be prayed for, she confessed that she went to see Bomoh before she was a Christian for her health problem. She was told her problem could be solved with the RM200 that she paid. The healing did not occur. Now, she is coming to church to trust God for healing. I remind her to see a doctor but I did pray for her health problem.

Another sister was prayed for by us. She was a young Christian and uneducated. But she hungered for the word of God. She is very much into reading the Bible. Bro Kung Kui was impressed by her. Me too.

From all these cases, I really thank God that we have built a Church there. Now, this church is a huge blessing to them. Also, I saw numerous children (about 70) and at least 20 youths in the congregation. Our youths are teaching in the children Sunday School. One sister from SIB is coming to help in the Sunday School. All these are signs of good progress. Grace Methodist Church members are helping them to do English for fun fortnightly.

I really see that Iban people need Jesus. Praise the Lord, our church is there to offer Jesus to them.

I also had a chance to talk to the pastor-in-charge, Rev Chan Jing Mei (who took over the ministry from me in 2006), who is very committed to do Iban mission also. I asked for her input about what important content I should put down in the curriculum I want to develop for adult Ibans. She emphasized writing about building up their faith and how to overcome sins.

A faithful disciple of Jesus,
Pastor Law Hui Seng
(Miri, 15th May, 2011)

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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Dear brothers and sisters,

Last week I did not write to you as I was busy with my studies. Praise the Lord I was able to reduce at 3kg of my weight. I eat very little rice but eat plenty of vegetable. One wonderful thing is I do not experience hunger though I do not eat as much rice. With that, my blood pressure also go down from 140/100 to 130/85. I also cut down on meat and do regular exercise for one hour everyday 5 days a week. I strongly believe that when I am physically fit, I am more effective for Jesus and make disciples of all nations.

No Win No Loss

Today is Parents' Sunday, I was able to play a very good game of chess with my father-in-law just now for about 3 hours again. I was leading all the way. I pressurized him from the beginning till the end. I was preparing to celebrate as thought I would win. I wanted to win very much and the most I get from him was a draw. What happened?

I must salute my father-in-law for his never give up defence. He might to lose the game but he kept defending and never gave up. He held on and he never let loose and give up. He just perseveres to defend. I tempted him to make a mistake but he calculated his every move very carefully and there was no mistake regardless of how I attacked. I have one canon, one horse and a little soldier. He only had one horse. I could not win. In the end, I have to settle with a draw. Again, I learnt something precious here.
I learn that in life, sometimes, you have to settle with the best that is no win no loss. Though you want to very much win but God will only give no win no loss. Things are not getting worse nor getting any better. Do you have that kind of experience?

Despite the draw and there was no celebration but I experienced a great fellowship with my 94 year old father-in-law. He said for the first time I really improved my game. As for me, I use Chinese to do my spiritual exercise. I also play Chinese Chess with my 2 younger boys. They enjoy the games. I train them to do strategic thinking. It really enhances our father and son relationship. It is most spiritual we become closer because Jesus desires me to be close with my children.

Take it as a privilege to be parents and thank God often for it no matter how tough the job is. Do you say Amen to it?

From 14th May to 18th June, 2011, I will be having my semester break at Miri with my family.

A faithful disciple of Jesus,

Pastor Law Hui Seng
Posted by Teresa Han

(Parents' Sunday, KK, STS, 8th May, 2011)

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Dear brothers and sisters,

Today is Easter Sunday. As I asked Jesus what to write during the week. I did not receive any inspiration until today after the service at my in-laws' house this morning. I had 2 very powerful encounters at my in-laws' house.

I was so amazed by the words of one politician in a local newspaper. We Christians need to learn from that very dedicated and committed non-Christian politician. Here it goes. He said that we must not blame on racialism as the cause of the loss of most urban seats by Barisan National. He said that the causes of the loss of the different seats are due to quite a lot of local issues of different towns and the leadership issue of Sarawak. He said that we must not blame any race for the losses in this election. I believe (my interpretation) his bottom line in politics is politicians regardless of who is in power, politicians need to serve rakyat of all races. This is very much related to Jesus' teaching of making disciples among all nations, which also refer to different races. If a non-Christian politician has this in mind and practice, what more to say we as disciples of Jesus, He died and He is risen for all races, skin colours, languages, the rich and the poor, the marginalised, the oppressed, the rejected, etc, we must by all means do even more. The powerful word of God in the bible and the Spirit of Jesus must enable you and me to do it, isn't it? Do you agree with me?

Another powerful encounter was with my father-in-law (94 years old) whom I played chess with every Sunday afternoon. In the past, most of the times, he beat me. Through all the losses, I learned from my mistakes and he coached me. In this recent few Sundays (including today, 3), I managed to beat him twice and draw twice and lost twice. Every Sunday, I practised my spiritual exercise of playing chess with him. I am always very satisfied regardless of whether I win or loss or draw. The only reason is over the chess, I learn so much about life. As I play chess, as my father-in-law and I make every move, it looks like it is every move in life has its risks, opportunities, dangers, pains, hurts, joy, sadness, etc. Every move must be carefully thought and plan, it has its serious consequences. I experience most of the most of the times, one wrong move can cause me to lose my game. Most of the times, I made careless mistake by not analysing thoroughly the consequences of my move. In life, in spiritual life, in your relationship with God, with people and yourself, have you calculated your move and make good and wise decision, like you are in a chess game, you make good, wise, carefully thought plans and execute it, for Jesus?
I like to share with you something Jesus gave me over a 3-hour chess game this afternoon. I was very careful with all my moves this afternoon (after all the coaching by my father-in-law), still I was not good enough to analyse his plan of attack. I was waiting for him to attack me and my strategy was to defend well. Most of the times, I attacked first and I lost all the times. I changed my strategy today. I thought my defence was strong but he managed to crack my wall of defence. He was so good that he forced me to sacrifice my powerful one of the 2 vehicles at the beginning of the match! It was a blow to my game. However, I exercise my spiritual strength of perseverance and I did not want to give up hope. I did not allow that blow to disturb my emotions, my analytical abilities, my plan to counter attack when given a chance, etc. In fact, I learn it from my father-in-law. I realized it was a very powerful.

Right from the beginning after the death of my vehicle, I was all the time under his attacks and I kept defending and never gave up. He was the topdog (in a very comfortable position and he could finish the game soon) and I was the underdog (as if I would lose anytime). I learnt this afternoon that, by not giving up even though I seemed to lose the game, in my most dangerous moment, it was my moment of turning around/ turning point/ golden opportunity, At the point of my father-in-law almost winning game, at the point of almost victory, it was also the moment when his defence was at the weakest and I spotted it. I grasped the RM1 million value chance and did the attack according to plan. As he kept attacking me, he also neglected to pay attention to my plan of attack. This was his greatest mistake. He was overconfident all the way. After the game, I evaluated his loss and I pointed this mistake and he agreed.

Now, it was my chance to counter attack and I attack all the way and at the same time I did not allow him to counter attack (he is always good at it). Because he neglected his defense, I was able to eat his important members. I won all the way with all the principles he taught me. Finally, I won the game after 3 hour very meditative fight!

I really agree with Jack Mezirow, a psychologist who teaches that we all learn to grow from an event that shakes our life. I got a blow in the chess game and I learnt not to give up and in the end I even won the game. I really learn that in life, I may seem to lose at first, but I persevere because Jesus says so, in the end, He causes me to win. My experience in Jesus is this: in the end, I always win. It is Jesus who gives me victory all the time.

Will you join me in this life faith journey to win people of all races to Christ? Remember, in Him, we will always win. You may write to ask me how? I will share with you how I win all the time in Christ.

A Faithful disciple of Jesus,
Pastor Law Hui Seng
(24th April, 2011, STS, KK)

Posted by Teresa Han

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Dear brothers and sisters,

I am still very busy doing my research. Praise the Lord I can still discipline myself to write this spiritual journal to share with you.

This happened last Wednesday. I know one of my weaknesses is I am not that sensitive to people's hint and sometimes even their needs. Yet, I need to do pastoral ministry. God helps me!
Actually, the lecturer who always plays ping pong with me already told me Wednesday slot is for lecturers. I am a student and I am not supposed to be there to play. Yet, I go there every Wednesday afternoon at about 4.45 to play. Last Wednesday, I was told by the lecturer that I was not supposed to play as the principal would play at that time. Only then, I realized I was so insensitive. I felt bad and guilty about it.

The principal is also my lecturer and I enjoy being taught by him and I learn a lot from him on church and society. In that incident I also felt embarrassed that I was so insensitive. I did not like the feeling at all. I wanted to say sorry to him as soon as possible. However, deep down in my heart, I had a few struggles not to do it.

Was it necessary to do it? Had I offended him? Was I really insensitive? I need courage to say sorry? I need to let go of my pride? I had to show my ugliness to him? No matter how I tried to reason with myself I could not come to terms with it. So, I decided to do it.

The next day was the usual time of the college weekly chapel service. I was looking out for him. I saw him entering into the main entrance of the chapel. I reminded myself to do it. However, normally, I just do it. This time I was nervous and I could feel my heart beating fasting, I struggled and hesitated to do it. In the end, I believe Jesus wanted me to do it as the uncomfortable feeling was there. Praise the Lord I did it. I was sorry that I occupied the slot for lecturer at the ping pong table. He responded with a smile and said something to the effect like it did not matter. However, it was a big deal to me.

Brothers and sisters, in life, I believe a so called small matter like that counts. I am very much learning to say sorry to all people whom I offended. I pray that you do.

A faithful disciple of Jesus,
Pastor Law Hui Seng
(KK, STS, 10th April, 2011)

Posted by Teresa Han

Friday, April 8, 2011

Dear brothers and sisters,

Today I am 45 years old! I aspire to live as old as John Wesley (88 years) and beyond his age as his whole life is such an inspiration to me. His basic theology for all the Methodists is to love God (Jesus) and man. These are Jesus’ commands and he held them so dear to his hearts. I aspire to obey Jesus like he did. He was so compassionate for the poor and needy, love the sick, the prisoners, labourers, the oppressed and the slaves, etc. I want to be a disciple of Jesus following his footsteps.

As I learn to draw near to Jesus and love Him, I am amazed by how He blesses me throughout all these years. One of the very significant things that I am blessed by Jesus is this, I experience over and over again that Jesus is everything to me. You know what, my slightest thought of Him, everything in my life will fall into His perspectives. I know what he expects me to do. All the more, if my thought goes His crucifixion, my whole being will just experience a great fellowship with Him! I pray that I am able to say this again at the age of 90 years old, another 45 years later.

I had a great encounter just now. My hand phone service was disrupted. I told my wife (who is in Miri and with our 4 children and I am here in KK studying at STS) this morning my telephone could receive sms and telephone calls but I could not call out. She must make it a point to call me every night at 8 o’clock as I want to talk to my twin sons (who are poor in Bahasa Malaysia and they are studying in primary 6, facing the public examination UPSR this year). Last Saturday, my wife went to get their report cards and the teacher said one of them would fail if he still showed bad attitude towards BM! This is a wakeup call for me. I really do not want him to fail in BM. I prayed about what to do with it. I told God I wanted my son to get at least a ‘D’, a pass for his BM. Then, God gave me the idea to get my twins to write one BM sentence a day (8 to 10 words) and understand the meaning of every word and remember each sentence. In 5 months’ time (UPSR in September), they would master 150 sentences! With this effort, they should be able to pass.
I want to call everyday at 8pm to get them to read the sentence to me and I test them the meaning of every word. I make sure that they do it and they will develop confidence in this mission language! I also pray that such effort will help one of them to change his attitude towards BM. I always encourage him over the phone that he can do it as he is doing the sentences for 4 days now. As a responsible father, in a distant land, I look forward to that important talk with my 2 sons. I told them I was going to call them every day at 8pm to check on them and I always make it a point to encourage them. You see my father’s heart desire and how I long to talk to them and do my best for them.

The telephone service is disrupted and my communication with them is affected. I made a separate arrangement for my wife to call me and so that I can have important talk with the 2 children. It is my mission every day, my desire to do it every day. However, my wife did not call me just now! I used the college fixed line to call our home fixed line. But the line was bad and I could hear them, they could not hear me. I was so desperate to talk with my children that I called the fixed line at least 10 times though they could not hear me. I was hoping that they knew it must be daddy’s (husband’s) calling by this kind of call so that they would call my hand phone and talk. I even prayed in my heart that my wife would be touched by God to call me. I believe this kind of divine intervention very much. Then, I heard my eldest daughter said it must be daddy. Even after that, I still called a few times, hoping that my wife would call back.

What happened then? While calling with frustration and hoping in my heart that my wife and children would know it was me, I suddenly came to think of God, my heavenly Father. I was meditating right at the phone while calling. I can imagine my heavenly father who loves me who has something important to tell me for my good (like I want to encourage my twin sons everyday to learn BM and be confident to pass everyday); who tries all means to catch my attention but I am so distracted by many things in the world (like my wife who was caught up with children and forgot about my 8pm appointment with her), then, I am not open (and I am not sensitive at all) to God’s communication with me. I miss that important God’s message for me for my life.

Praise the Lord, God answered my prayers! After more than 10 times of telephone call reminding using the fixed line, my wife got the signal that it was me! Finally, I was able to communicate with my twin sons and I got to encourage them! I was glad that finally I could communicate with them. I believe anyone of you who is serious with God, you will agree with me that God would like to do it to you also, that is He wants to communicate with you and tell you important message (though I also believe He can also do it to anyone whom He wants to communicate).
Therefore, have you allowed anything to distract you from God in the person of Jesus speaking to you on something important?

A Faithful disciple of Jesus,

Pastor Law Hui Seng

(30th March, 2011. Birthday at KK, STS)

Posted by Teresa Han

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Dear brothers and sisters,

Praise the Lord, though, I am getting busier each week with lots of reading to do in preparation to write for fruitful papers that will help my future ministry, I am still very motivated to write a simple weekly reflection. This reflection has been the key reason that undergirds all my life and ministry. I pray that you all get the message of the word of God from Jesus. It was also emphasized in my theology of ministry class by a German, Lutheran pastor.
I am the Vine – Jesus Says
John 15:5, “I am the vine, you are the branches. If a man remains in me and I in him, he will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing.”
John 15:8, “This is to my Father’s glory, that you bear much fruit, showing yourselves to be my disciples.”
All this while what makes me as a disciple of Christ in my capacities as a husband, a father, a son, a friend, and a pastor is the person of Jesus. I am ‘terribly’ linked with Jesus in a very deep and personal relationship. A relationship which only Jesus can understand. I understand Jesus as the vine, where I get eternal life, love, understanding, justice, wisdom, faith, hope, mercy, grace, affirmation, encouragement, solutions for my problems, etc. I do not see Him as the God whom I get something from. I see Him the Lord and master of my life. If He says I should die now, I am willing to obey. My life is in His hand, He can decide whatever to do with me. I worship Jesus as God, Almighty God. Do you? Is your God Almighty in the person of Jesus.
Therefore, Jesus can do without me. By all means, I do not save anyone from going to hell; my teaching, preaching of God words and my life and ministry do not transform anyone. Ultimately, as I remain in Him, and I remain as His branch, I am that little branch which becomes His channel, it is Jesus who saves and transforms lives, not me. Apart from Jesus, I cannot bear fruit and become His beloved disciple. I ask Jesus to use all my resources like my brain, my ability in 3 languages, my personal relationship skill, my mouths and my out of tune songs, my ping pong skill, my wife and children, my money, my time, my laptop, etc, to make disciples of all nations.
As I live with a mentality and outlook of life that apart from Jesus, my vine, I cannot do anything, I live everyday as the last day of my life. As a result, what I can do today, I will not postpone it. As soon as I receive a prompting from the Holy Spirit, I shall act. Do you?

A faithful disciple of Jesus,
Pastor Law Hui Seng
(6th March, 2011, at KK, STS)
Posted by Teresa Han

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Praise the Lord for another very fruitful week. For this week I meditate a lot on the writings of a German pastor who died of martyrdom in the Second World War.  He wrote many books. One of the most famous ones is “The Cost of Discipleship”.  He talked about cheap grace and costly grace and how to be a disciple of Jesus. I used his material to preach a few sermons quite a few years ago and I was impacted by what he taught based very much on the sermon of the mount. I would like to share with you my thoughts on Jesus’ teaching of how to love your enemies and pray for them. I pray that you will be blessed by my sharing.
Eat Into My Soul
I develop very personal relationship with Jesus through loving my enemies by praying for them. As a result of Jesus such teaching, I become very sensitive towards my own feelings towards other people.  My slightest dislike, hatred, jealousy, unforgiveness, complain, uncomfortable feeling, condemnation, negative thought, etc about someone, be it my wife, children, or anybody out there, I go to dialogue with Jesus in my heart about the reason(s) for it. I do not want to allow those feelings to remain because they “eat” into my soul, they try to isolate me from focusing on Jesus teaching especially on the sermon on the mount. I always use sermon on the mount in Matthew to guide me in my relationship with people and God.
Dialogue With Jesus
In my dialogue with Jesus, I always ask Jesus these questions: Why do I have such feelings? Why I am hurt by it? How should I overcome such feeling? Am I worried by it; disturbed; threatened? Every time I give a fleshly response like a self-centred, selfish, my personal interest, pride, face, personal desire and glory, any sinful thought or attitude answer; the spirit of Jesus will always alert me of my fleshly desires.  He directed me back to His word on the sermon of mount and in the Bible. As I allow His word to be the final authority of my life, I choose to obey His word in my mind, my conscious and my being, I always experience peace, closeness with Jesus, reconciliation with people, seeing people from God’s perspective of love, and accepting them as imperfects.
I Make No Enemies
After I go to Jesus to deal with all the negative feelings in my mind and conclude by obeying His words and after that, I always pray to forgive or bless the other person.  It is so powerful. I make no enemies. I can love them with my imperfect love. This is how I do it. I accept them as God’s children (both Christians and non Christians).  How can I dislike, hate, hurt, condemn God’s children whom He loved so much by dying a sacrificial death on the cross? I accept them as imperfect people. I accept them as people who have their strengths and weaknesses. I am challenged by Jesus to focus on their strengths rather than weaknesses.  I am also challenged by Jesus to be understanding towards them.  May be he behaves like that because he does not have good sleep last night; he has a quarrel with his wife; he is frustrated at work; he is frustrated at work; he is sick; his children give him trouble; there is misunderstanding or miscommunication somewhere, etc.  These understandings help me to give people all the space to make mistakes or even to sin against me. I pray that I turn all of them into opportunities for me to help them to fear and honour Jesus.
I Love People As He Or She Is
What do I get as a result of loving my enemies and praying for them?  First and foremost, I receive the joy of the Lord; I live peacefully and harmoniously with anybody out there; I can face Jesus’ questions and I have no guilt and shame in my heart; I felt accepted by Jesus all the time; I feel I am a strong disciple of Jesus; I love people as he or she is and I love all nations, races and tribes.  This helps me to do a lot of missions.
Will you join me to love your enemies and pray for them?
A faithful disciple of Jesus,
Pastor Law Hui Seng
(27th Feb, 2011, KK)
Posted By Teresa Han

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

Praise the Lord, we are in communication in this manner again. You can be so far away but I can let you know what is happening in my life. I can witness to you on how real and how good Jesus is to me.

Two weeks ago I lost my pen drive which contains 3 years of information on my sermons, weekly reflections, good articles, minutes, etc. It is my original source and only copy! It is a very good record of my life. At first I was worried, anxious and troubled. For quite a few hours, I could not overcome my negative feelings and thoughts in my mind. I did not like those hours at all. My mind was on it even when I played ping pong!

After a good struggle, I came to Jesus and allowed Him to deal with me. He said God even took care of the birds in the air, they had no worries to find food; the lilies of the valley grew without human care, why should I worry about my pen drive. He said He would return it to me. That was the assurance from Jesus! I told quite a few persons who were concerned about it that the pen drive would be returned.

I asked the student body to make 2 times of announcements during weekly Thursday assembly. I asked the librarians to be on the look out for it. I asked many people to pray for it. I myself at least prayed 50 times about it. My prayers were very simple and naive. I asked Jesus to convict that person’s sin and returned it to me. As I prayed, I imagined Jesus communicating with the person. I told Jesus I had full trust in Him; I was exercising my faith towards him. I told Him the witness of the whole community of STS is at stake, and the great character of honesty is at stake. After prayers like that, everyday, I waited in expectation of its return.

Praise the Lord, that person put it back to my pigeon hole. A few lecturers and fellow theological students who prayed for me and showed concerns for me were so happy that I got it back.

Bother Jesus

This is a small matter to a lot of people but it is a big matter to me as the information is very valuable to me. However, personally, even a so called small matter like that I would like to bother Jesus as my relationship with Him allows me to do it. And I strongly believe that Jesus knows all the time I am going to bother Him with small matter.

Another reflection that comes out of this experience is this: If as a human being desires so much to find back the lost pen drive, how much more my heavenly Father desires His children who are lost to come back to Him!

May I pray that you build up a personal relationship with Jesus like I do. Do bother Jesus with small things.

A faithful disciple of Jesus,

Pastor Law Hui Seng

(20th Feb, 2011, KK)

Posted By Teresa Han

Monday, February 14, 2011

Dear brothers, sisters and friends,

I enjoy every second and minute of my time in STS. I now know how stressed I was in the past. Though studying involves some level of stress but I am so relieved here. I really spend time reflecting on my ministries in the past as I read the lecturers' recommended good books. All these readings help me to be self-critical. It means I have to ask myself: what is wrong (or right) with my thinking, attitude, actions and behaviour? I need to ask the same questions for my family, my church (especially Sarawak Chinese Annual Conference), and the society I live in (Sarawak in particular and Malaysia in general and the world at large).

Confession of my sin is part of being self-critical. I had a little encounter which is significant for me to share with you. I played ping pong with a lecturer just now. At a critical point when I was just leading by one point, and I was one point away from the game point, her ball actually touched the edge of the table and she could not see it and hear the touch. However, I heard the slight touch on the edge. I did not confess as I usually did. I award the point to myself and therefore, I reached the game point to go on and win the game! My conscience, the Holy Spirit, and Christ, my Lord did not let let me go. I felt guilty even while I was playing the next match. The tension in my heart was to confess to her or not. The accusations of wrong kept coming back to me. I did not want to tell her as I wanted to save my FACE & PRIDE!


At last, the final game was over. The guilt was all the time there as I began walking out of the sports hall and down the staircase to go back to the hostel. I asked myself, "Do I want to live with my guilt? Can I just forget about it? Nobody knew, she did not know, but Jesus knew and I knew. As I walked further down the staircase, the question kept coming back my mind was, "Do I want to live with the guilt or not, or just confess my sin to her?" Praise the Lord, I choose to obey Jesus and I told Him I did not want to live with my guilt. Right there and then, I quickly told myself my face and pride were minor issues, compared to the guilt and unholiness that I am going to live with forever. I choose to be honest with Jesus. I obediently walked up the staircase and confessed my sin to her. She said it must be during the close match! I said so. Though she laughed about it but deep down in my heart, my guilt was gone. My soul was uplifted!

Praise the Lord I am able to practise what Jesus said, "Let your yes be yes. Let your no be no." I pray that you all will join me to be honest with Jesus and obey Him in minute details in our life. Be honest with your conscience and Jesus, our God and master.

A faithful disciple of Jesus,

Pastor Law Hui Seng

(13th February, 2011, at STS, KK)

Posted by Teresa Han

Monday, February 7, 2011

Dear brothers and sisters and friends,

It is with much enthusiasm and excitment in writing this weekly reflection to you!

Praise the Lord I flew back last Friday night as planned and met my family and stayed with them till Tuesday morning before we flew here (KK) to celebrate our CNY. Last Saturday, I conducted a marriage blessing at GMC and preached at Bethel Church on our life goal was to glorify God and be like Christ. Today I preached at Agape Methodist Chruch (KK, Lintas Square) and conducted the monthly Holy Communion. I still preached with fire, passion and conviction on the person of Jesus, praise the Lord.

A few GMC brothers and sisters in Miri asked me about my studies in Sabah Theological Seminary after 1 month. I said it was heaven for me here! Why? The lecturers and fellow students and everything are excellent. We live together as one big, harmonious, and joyful family. The lecturers and librarians are very helpful in my learning. All my prayers on the manpower needed for my thesis were answered. Jesus gave me the needed qualified people to supervise my future thesis on how to be a BM speaking pastor.

I also learn a lot from a fortnightly translation of the seminary's chaplain weekly IN-REACHING & UPLIFTING, from English to BM. It is not only great learning from him but it is also sharpening my skill of translation which I acquired from my university days. I can bless at least 60 indigenous theological students if they read my translation. It is a big bonus for me in STS!

Praise the Lord for granting me and my wife a quick recovery from the virus attack just before the CNY eve! The reunion with my in-laws was very meaningful as I spent time sharing with them. My father-in-law is 94 years old now and we could play Chinese chess together!

Never Give Up

As I do my weekly reflection, attend lectures, read bible and books of all kinds, prepare 2 sermons, observe my family members and society and played Chinese chess these last 2 weeks, I learn a lot about not giving up on doing God's will (what is right).

Abraham Lincoln (a Christian, a former United States President in the 19th century), studied law and experienced a bad business which took him 15 years to pay the debts in 1833. He was elected as a member of the Illinois House of Representatives in 1834, re-elected in 1836, 1838 and 1840, and served in the post until 1842. In 1860, he was elected as the President and he was re-elected for the second term in 1864. On 1st January, 1863, he issued the famous Emancipation Proclamation, declaring the slaves of the Confederacy forever free. He died a tragic death by gun-shot in 1865. I see this faithful disciple of Jesus who stood by what Jesus desired him to do, through numerous defeats, he never gave up. He knew God's will of setting free the slaves and he stood by it and even paid a dear price of death for it. However, he and others transformed the nation of US. Just because he did not give up on standing for what is right! Can you and I do the same?

I see also in our patriarch, our spiritual fore-father, Abraham, a faith who never gave up on doing God's will. He obeyed God's calling to leave his comfort zone of his hometown to head towards a promised land which was not specifically identified yet. He did not give up on God who asked Him to sacrifice his only son! He did not give up in pursuing the Promised Land when he faced so many enemies and obstacles. Deep down in his heart, I see that he stood by God's will for him. He might make lots of mistakes, and he might be discouraged, disappointed, hurt and defeated many times. Because he stood by God's will, he never give up on God's will. A great character of perseverance and faith which I need to emulate!

Jesus, my Lord and Savior, gives me the greatest boost of what it means not to give up on God's will. With all the sufferings you can imagine right from the days of His early ministry at the age of 30 years old till the crucifixion on the cross, He was faithful to do the father's will to die a sacrificial death to redeem mankind from sin and hell. He overcame all the temptations of giving up to the devil and avoided all the sufferings. Can I and can you, withstood all the sufferings that come with doing God's will?

My father-in-law did not give up on a Chinese chess game which appeared that he was going to lose and finally he turned around and defeat me in a surprise move!

The challenge for your life is this: As you are certain of dsing Jesus' will,do not give up when the going gets tough. Persevere as Jesus is with you all the way.

A faithful disciple of Jesus,

Pastor Law Hui Seng

(6th February, 2011, Sunday, KK)

Posted by Teresa Han

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Dear brothers and sisters and friends,

I pray that you are all healthy and strong to make disciples of all nations. Do remember to pay the most attention and love to your immediate family members!

I love Jesus

I am doing my quiet time on Genesis now. I find that our spiritual forefather, Abraham had a very personal relationship with the very God whom we also worship. He could bargain with God if he found certain number of righteous persons, he asked God not to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah. God agreed with his requests but in the end Abraham could not find any righteous persons and God went ahead to destroy the 2 cities.

My point is not the destruction of the 2 cities. My point is Abraham was so closed with God that he could bargain with God. Who was he to do it? Why should God bargain with him, a small human being since He knew for sure the destiny of the 2 cities.

I am amazed by God's willingness to entertain Abraham's redundant requests. God chose to be so close with Abraham that He even allowed him to have a chance to intervene in His plan to destroy the 2 cities.

Brothers and sisters, this same God in the person of Jesus is also available to all of us who are His children, to be close to Him.

There was one time I bargained with Jesus. My grandmother who loved me very much was very sick and almost died. I was in my early 20s, I naively, without much thinking, prayed to ask God to shorten my life to 30 years old and lengthen my grandmother's life. It was my bargain with God which I could still remember today! I am now 44 years old. My grandmother did survive for a few more years after my prayer. I waited for Jesus to take me home as I remembered my so called bargain with Him. In fact, I was serious with Him. Meanwhile, I still got married with Julia at the age of 27. I truly forgot that I was not supposed to marry as I would die at the age of 30. If I had told Julia about it, she would definitely not agree to be my wife. Who would want to marry me for 3 years and then become a widow!

I believe God in the person of Jesus heard my bargain with Him but because He has greater plan for me, so, He allows me to live on. For all the bonus and grace that Jesus bestowed on me, how can I not love Him every day. Jesus matters to me every day as each day of my life is given by Him.

My prayer to God for my life and also a prayer at my ordination is: Jesus, the day you think I have no more value in your sight, you take me home.

A Faithful disciple of Jesus,

Pastor Law Hui Seng

(22nd Jan, 2011 at KK)

Posted by Teresa Han