Saturday, June 2, 2012

My gains in 2 weeks of Training

Dear brothers and sisters,

My wife was away to KK for 2 weeks to attend to her mom was not feeling as she learns to honor parents. During her absence, I need to work very closely with my 4 children. I sent them to and from school; prepare meals; do laundry; coach them in studies to prepare for the examination; discipline them in behavior and attitude; get them to pray before school and before meals; bring them for i-youth, etc. In the process, we always had heart to heart talk. I really got to experience what my wife said about the challenges we faced with each child. I faced the challenges head on in the name of Jesus.


I need to train to get them to eat fruit and vegetable which they do not like but it is very important for their health. They are not willing to do it but I have to impose on them. I have not succeeded yet.


One child has a negative attitude towards life. Praise the Lord I finally got to pray a deliverance and warfare prayer for him. It helps a bit though he is not free yet. I really illustrate to him what it means to be negative and why it is not good.


I felt the joy of teaching and coaching them. As I see them understanding my explanation and get the right answers in Mathematics, I was so happy. I realized that they were not as weak in their studies as I think. In fact, I prayed much both for their studies and character.


I had the opportunity to correct their bad attitudes and characters. Take for instance, if their speech is impolite or rude; throwing their tantrum around; get them to say sorry to one another. I also said sorry if I was wrong. I appreciated their help in the kitchen, collecting clothe, obedience and cooperation. I still have to work hard on their characters of initiative and responsibility. I allow them to suffer the consequences of throwing their tantrum around. For example, if one does not like the food I prepare, they have to go without food for that meal. I did not pamper them.

Praise the Lord my mercy was committed to prepare the meals and I can see she was very willing to do it. She would wash dishes also. Then she mentioned that her hands’ skin started to peel. I and the twins came in to help to wash the dishes. We try to help another.


Please for me and my wife that we are to train them to be disciples of Jesus. Also pray for Jesus to empower me to preach at Hwai En Methodist church indigenous people Sunday and preaching at Sg Burid longhouse in this coming 2 Sundays.

I pray for you all that Jesus will grant you all strength, good health, joy, faith, and love to help others (including your own family) to become disciples of Jesus.

A Faithful disciples of Jesus,

Pastor Law Hui Seng

(29th May, 2012, Miri)

Posted By Teresa Han