Friday, August 31, 2012

Preaching at Holy Grace Methodist, Tawau, Sabah

Dear brothers and sisters,

For so many years, I only heard of Tawau; and now I see her with my own eyes. Praise the Lord for the strong presence of Jesus there at the third largest town of Sabah. Church of different denominations like Anglican, Roman Catholic, Calvary, Basel, Baptist and SIB really make their presence felt there! There are about 40,000 Chinese and the church attendance of Chinese is about 5,000. There are a lot more fish to be caught. Besides, there are a great population of Indonesians, Malays and local indigenous people living there.

My Mission

For the first time I was there. In the past I read much about her in the newspaper only; and heard of people going there and coming from there. Lots of Sarawakians worked there and settled down. Many of them become successful and own businesses and properties. Some who are committed Christians really make a difference for Jesus by taking up church leadership positions in different denominations.

I was invited to be the speaker for the Sabah Provisional Annual Conference East District Methodist Junior Youth Fellowship retreat speaker. I preached on ‘Living Together With Love’ in mandarin to 24 creative, active, sociable and exciting junior youths. I shared about my love story with the first girl friend and the last girl friend, both the first and the last is my wife. I shared about how I trusted Jesus in my relationship with my girl friend. I encouraged them to do likewise. I preached about how to love one another in Christ; emphasizing on admitting our wrongs; and how to ask for forgiveness. I also emphasized very much on building all our Christian characters on love. They were challenged to practice those Christ like characters in their daily lives. I enjoyed fellowship with the youths in our private conversations.

I pray that Jesus will raise many pastors, missionaries, God fearing professionals, church leaders and impactful leaders in society from this group of young people.

I also preached in the morning and night services at Holy Grace Methodist church on ‘Preaching Christ and Him Crucified’ based on 1Corinthians 1:18-25. I challenged them to focus on the sacrifice made by Jesus on the cross and learn from Him to make sacrifices so that others also learn to love Jesus like us. I enjoyed the great fellowship with Rev Sia Howe Ding and church leaders. Praise the Lord I was able to be at Rev Sia’s house (parsonage) and prayed for the family; and also prayed for his church members also. When we met over meals and fellowship, we shared some humours and mutual encouragements.

Meeting Brother Pau, Husband of My Late Teacher, Sister Lau

I got the chance of my life time in meeting my primary school teacher’s (late sister Lau) husband, bro Pau Kiew Kiong. The last time I met him was when he dropped off his wife at school when I was primary one! Now, after more than 40 years we met again!

This is a great family who serve Jesus as a family. (Brother Paul confessed that after she left, they really felt they missed serving God as a family. This showed the strong bond they had as a lovely family. This act touched me very much as I need to learn from them) When I was in Primary One, I was taught by late sister Lau. I remember she was real strict, committed and serious in her teaching. I was really scared of her. There was one time I said a bad word in class, and she heard it. She ordered me to go and wash my mouth in the toilet. I was made to be aware that speaking bad words is unacceptable.

Eventually, I met her after so many years in early 2000 during an East Malaysia Methodist Conference at Sibu Masland Methodist Church. I was sitting next to her and I recognized her. I immediately told her I was her student and I was a pastor then! I believed she was encouraged as she smiled and shared with me how she was serving in the ladies fellowship. After reading the 21st Anniversary magazine of Holy Grace Methodist Church, I also discovered she and brother Pau were very committed to Jesus in the church. I am also very encouraged to know the couple has also produced a pastor, their son, who is ministering in Singapore with his wife.

What a chance I experienced in meeting my late teacher’s husband, Brother Pau. We had 2 meals together and we did not discover my student-teacher relationship with his wife. He did share about how his pastor son missed his mom but I never linked it to my teacher. I knew she passed away in the Methodist Message. Only after brother Lee Sui Muk (who brought me to see churches, key buildings and housing areas of Tawau; and this is my wish coming true), the LCEC chairman of Holy Grace, showed me his testimony in the 21st anniversary magazine, then, I saw her picture in the cover page, then, I started to ask for the name of my teacher’s husband. And they said it is bro Pau Yew Kiong (in his 60s) whom I did not realize in my 2 earlier encounters over the meals. He is so cheerful, humorous, committed to church ministry (a church leader and ministering to senior brothers and sisters); and all the time encouraging and challenging me to serve in Tawau! He always tried to link our conversations to getting me to serve in Tawau. As we talked about it and other things, we laughed and laughed. He even apologized to me if he had hurt me in any way. I said it was not at all as I knew it was all his sense of humour.

Brother Pau and family are moving on happily with life and ministry despite the loss of their beloved wife and beloved mother. I pray that Jesus will continue to bless them with good health, strong faith, love and joy to serve and live for Christ.

Holy Grace Methodist Church

Praise the Lord for the 200 strong congregations who built the church since 1983. So far, they have planted 3 Mandarin churches and 1 BM preaching point far and near. They have produced 2 pastors who are still very much serving Jesus. They are running a kindergarten with about 70 children. Though this is not a huge congregation, they are trying their best to be faithful to Jesus in making disciples and to be good stewards to God’s resources. They faced the great challenges of great mobility but the faithful pastors have always done their best with the church leaders and lay people.

I pray that Jesus continues to empower them to reach out to the lost both among the Chinese and the indigenous people of Tawau; and especially among the poor, marginalized and the outcasts.

A Faithful Disciple of Jesus,

Pastor Law Hui Seng

(KK, STS, 20th August, 2012)

Posted By Teresa Han

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Experiencing Spirit of Jesus at Thesis Oral Defence

Dear brothers and sisters,

I passed my Master of Theology thesis oral defence with corrections this afternoon at about 4pm. Thanks you very much for taking time to pray for me. I also asked STS BM students and a few Mandarin department students to pray for my thesis defence. I strongly believe Jesus heard your prayers and my prayers.

It was once in my life time thesis defence! In my own human planning, I never thought of doing Master of Theology. I told people I prefer to be with my 4 teenaged children and coach them as they grow up to be teenagers and to be with my wife who has a heart valve leakage problem. I prefer to do the BM ministry and see results of conversions after conversions. However, Jesus put a burden in me that made me realized I need to multiply my efforts. There is a great need for more BM pastors and SCAC have not produced enough. On my way to minister in Brunei few years ago, Jesus called me to multiply my effort by training more of them. I responded to that calling willingly without any bargaining with Jesus. I believe He will provide anything my family needs and He will qualify me! Jesus qualified me with a pass this afternoon. Here was my experience.

Experienced Spirit of Jesus

I could sense I was a bit nervous at first when I did my thesis presentation for the first few minutes. Praise the Lord it went away and I could feel that I was confident to defend my thesis. (In fact, with all my preparations, I still worried about going blank before this. This is my confession)

I could answer most of the questions well in the sense that I could explain myself. In areas where the panel thought I was weak I admitted I had to elaborate more. I agree with them I have to resolve my key problem of negative correlation; my applications are conceptual and not practical enough; lacking explanations for my key assumption; and too much quotation from one source. I had written 4 chapters. Now I have to do minor corrections for chapter 2; and major corrections for chapter 3 and 4; and one short chapter 5 with vision and conclusion added.

How did I experience the Spirit of Jesus? Firstly, as I explained myself, I was so confident I answered their questions and I experienced peace in the process. Secondly, as I agree with them the need to improve my thesis, I was not frustrated, not disheartened, not disappointed, and definitely not depressed by the challenges to do it. Thirdly, I just felt their inputs and suggestions were constructive to make my thesis better. Fifthly, I really enjoyed my thesis defence!

Prayer Requests:

(1) Thank God for the pass with corrections. Jesus has qualified me.

(2) Pray that I am able to find good information on how to resolve the negative correlation. Pray that I will do a careful job of corrections.

(3) Pray that Jesus empowers me to preach to the youths and church members at Tawau Methodist Church this weekend 18th and 19th August. Pray that Jesus shows me their needs. (I will be in Miri 21st to 27th August)

(4) Pray that Jesus empowers me to preach to Tudan Methodist Church members so that their faith is strengthened and not afraid of ghosts on 26th August back in Miri.

I pray that all of us experience the Spirit of Jesus in a real personal manner; and Jesus gives you joy.

A Faithful disciple of Jesus,

Pastor Law Hui Seng

(STS, KK, Just after Mth. Thesis Oral Defence, 15th August)

Posted By Teresa Han

Friday, August 10, 2012

I Said Sorry to My Daughter

Dear brothers and sisters,

Today is 8th August (Wednesday), and I said sorry to my daughter yesterday. It was my precious encounter with Jesus, so, I feel it is worth sharing with you. I pray that we all learn to say sorry to our family members so that the love of Jesus is expressed in our family; and the presence of Jesus in our family is felt.

What Happened?

During the last end of the month (monthly) trip back to Miri, my wife went to Kuching for her regular heart check follow up. I needed to prepare for the dinners. As usual I asked my daughter to do it. I was always careful not to comment about her best cooking because I wanted to train her to cook simple food. I always appreciated her cooking by thanking her and my other children to thank her. Honestly, I am not good at all at cooking.

During that Monday late afternoon, I was consulting my wife Julia over the phone how to cook a dish of vegetable. At the same time, I watched my daughter frying fish balls which we all liked. She has always did well. However, this time, as I was talking over the phone, I saw she over fried the fish balls and they were darker in colour. I got anxious (and nervous) and hastily raised my voice to tell to ask her to switch off the fire.

The conflict arose when I insisted that she did not switch off the fire as I requested and she said she did. She cried and she felt I had wrongly accused her. She was innocent; and I insisted she did do as I requested. She was very emotional about it and she could not get over with it. It made me thought about it even when I was back to KK. Did I make a mistake in wrongly accusing her? I thought for quite a few days. Deep in my heart, I told myself I could have made a mistake and I needed to say sorry to her. I was even prepared to say sorry even if I did not make the mistake as I did not want her to hate me for life. Furthermore, I could sense that she was so sure I wrongly accused her. There was no witness at all! There was an urge in my heart to say sorry to her but I did not take action! But I believe Jesus had prepared me to say sorry at this stage.

My Daughter was relieved.

Praise the Lord is very sensitive to my daughter. She sensed that my daughter was harbouring resentment and even bitterness towards. She kept mentioning daddy had wrongly accused her. She called me yesterday and told me the situation. I quickly grasped the opportunity to confess that I could have made a mistake; and I wanted to say sorry to her over the phone. Over the phone, though she did not want to respond to my apology but my sensed that she was relieved. Praise the Lord I was able to do it in the power of the Spirit of Jesus, as an act of love towards my daughter.

Brothers and sisters, can we let go of our pride, ego, face, and self-centredness; and say sorry to our family members when we are wrong? Remember Jesus’ love comes to your family when you do it genuinely from your heart.

A Faithful disciple of Jesus,

Pastor Law Hui Seng

(KK, STS, 8th August, 2012)

Posted By Teresa Han

Olympic Gold Medal Hope of All

Dear brothers and sisters,

Though there is no more hope of a historic Olympic gold medal for all Malaysians, I learnt something precious. I like to share with you my encounter with Jesus again in this Olympic.

There Was a Strong Hope

I seldom see people from all works of life expressing this hope of a gold medal from badminton. People from Barisan National, Pakatan Rakyat, public and private sectors, young and old, religious and non-religious bodies, Buddhists, Muslims, Hindus, Christians, and all kinds of other religious followers; and different races are UNITED in expressing this hope. Some even prayed for a gold medal. I prayed and I even encouraged my STS friends to pray. When Lee Chong Wei was behind in the third set with the score of 19-20 (match point), I even closed my eyes to ask God to give him a deuce! It did not work but my hope was expressed to Jesus.

United by a Hope

I see that this time we are united by a hope of an Olympic gold medal. Though the hope was dashed, it makes me reflect about a powerful hope. It was a powerful hope that may have united all Malaysians for the first time in the history of Malaysia. In this post-modernity society and the world, we disagree so much on so many things ranging from socio-economy to politic. Look at the disagreements between political parties who represent different ethnic groups in our country. Look at the religious divides among different religions. This is to name a few.

United by Love

If all Malaysians are united by a gold medal hope of Olympic that can express honour, status, and capabilities of Malaysians; what about the universal need for us human beings for human love that unite all Malaysians. We all need love and we can be united by love. I strongly believe that languages, races, capabilities, competitions, policies, and etc may not unite all of us. But when it comes to the need for love, regardless of your religions, race, nationalities, level of education, you will not reject love!

Can you Express Love?

Therefore, no matter what disagreements we have, can express love to one another at our work place, in schools, in meetings, competitions, during meal times, when you serve your customers, when you teach your children, between husbands and wives, among neighbours, among political parties and religious institutions; and the list is endless.

Jesus gives me an excellent model of how He loves His disciples and all of us. He washed His disciples’ feet, healed the sick and the blind, delivered the demon possessed, fed the hungry, comforted the sad, touched both the rich and the poor; and most important of all, He even sacrificed His life to express His love for every human beings on earth.

This Olympic gold medal hope may not make you and me a better person in terms of characters, values and principles on the truth. However, if we are united behind love which everybody needs, we develop a harmonious, peaceful, happy and joyful, stable and high spirit society that is sustainable in the sense we will stand the tests of immorality, corruption and greed, crimes, injustice, racial prejudices and religious divides.

Can we do better than uniting ourselves behind the Olympic gold medal hope by uniting ourselves behind love expressed by Jesus? I pray that you do.

A Faithful disciple of Jesus,

Pastor Law Hui Seng

(STS, KK, 8th August, 2012)

Posted By Teresa Han

Iban Disciples of Jesus at Tudan, Miri

Dear brothers and sisters,

Thanks very much for upholding in prayers as I preached at Tudan Methodist Church last Indigenous People Sunday, 29th July. It was an unforgettable experience as I ministered in the word of God and prayers.

Supremacy of Christ

I was all excited about preaching against syncretism using Colossians 1:15-20, urging them to give up their charms and amulets, not to visit shamans (bomoh or manang), and not to fear bad dreams. Sister Pauline gave a testimony of how she and whole family totally trusted Jesus and gave up charms and amulets. I believe Jesus used my preaching and sister Pauline’s testimony to empower Iban brothers and sisters to trust Jesus 100% as my research showed 3 out of 10 Ibans are syncretistic. There were also songs sung on the supremacy of Christ. That is they accepted Jesus as their saviour but they also believe in the other powers that can solve their problems. I preached trusting Jesus 100% and not trust other powers at all.

Tearful Responses

After the service, I called for prayers for those who needed it. As usual I use James 5 in praying for the sick. I requested bro Wong Kung Kui and bro Bali and sister Pauline who are church leaders to join me in praying for their needs. We always sing ‘In the Cross’ to focus on Jesus to humble ourselves before Him and asked for His forgiveness of our sins according to James 5. We confessed our sins. There were about 15 of us who needed prayers. We did it one by one and we laid our hands on each one of them; and I anointed them with olive oil as taught by James 5.

We prayed Jesus’ forgiveness of our sins, healing of sickness, blessings and binding of spirits like fear, and sickness; and command them to leave the body. I could see that they trusted Jesus in faith. Quite a few of them wept, cried and sobbed as we prayed and ministered. I believed the Spirit of Jesus touched them as we ministered.

Very Encouraged

I learnt news of a sister who is accepted into a local university. It is a great news as this is what we always prayed for them and our vision to see all their children to enter university. Her family asked the church to help her in the area of finance for her to go. Grace Methodist Church responded so willingly and timely. I am so encouraged that I have to put it down in record like this. I pray that more and more Methodist churches will help in the indigenous people education in Sarawak as we train them to disciples of Jesus.

Let us not only interested in the Ibans’ salvation; but also be channels of social concerns to them in the areas of education, health and welfare as Jesus is not only interested in the salvation of their souls but very much their overall well beings. The gospel of Christ must be holistic in touching Ibans spiritual, social-welfare, economic, and political needs. Will you live out this kind of gospel among the Ibans?

A Faithful Disciple of Jesus,

Pastor Law Hui Seng

(STS, KK, 4th August, 2012)

Posted By Teresa Han

Friday, August 3, 2012

My Olympic

Dear brothers and sisters throughout the world,

I am very excited to write to you my encounter with Jesus again. This time, I experienced it in my dream in Miri last week. I just felt Jesus the God almighty is so real to me. I pray Jesus who is God became a human being is also very real to you.

I called it My Olympic because though I am not there to compete but Jesus used it to give me a reflection that helps me to focus on Him only. Here it goes.

Arrow in the hand of Jesus

I was captivated by the focus of our Malaysian archer Khairul Ahmad at the Olympic who was so calm, steady, courageous and most important of all, so focused. I thought about it and related it to spiritual truths as I watched. Amazingly, Jesus made it better as I dreamt about it. The following picture and reflection came from my dream when I wake up in the morning. I even shared it with my wife, Julia. She listened to me patiently and it helped me to remember and write to you now.

I feel like I am an arrow in the hand of Jesus, my Master, the Almighty God who is my archer. Khairul targeted his arrows at the centre which gave him 10 points for a few times. He was so accurate and it gave me an unforgettable memory that led me to a spiritual dream.

Jesus the Archer

I know Jesus the Almighty God is more than my archer. A human archer targets his arrow to the right goal or the so called ‘destiny’. Similarly, as an arrow, I submit my life to Jesus, the archer, He will shoot this arrow to the right targets (goals, destiny, righteous paths, Christ-likeness, eternal life, right direction in life, right and godly decision, right preaching, right counselling, right parenting, right…). He will make sure our abilities, financial means, characters, spiritual gifts, wisdom and everything we have to point/ target towards the right things/ path. Will you allow yourself tobe the arrow in Jesus’ hand, the archer? You can trust this archer as He has resurrected and living inside you.

On the other hand, if I am careless, I submit my life to my flesh or the devil, it will target the arrow to hit on human greed, adultery, self-deception, dishonesty, jealousy, self-centredness, hatred, bitterness, anger and unforgiveness, blindness about our own problems… I do not want my arrow to go in these sinful directions and head for roads of no return.

Can you allow Jesus to be your archer? I pray that you do.

A Faithful Disciple of Jesus,

Pastor Law Hui Seng

(STS, KK, 3rd August, 2012)

Posted by Teresa Han