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‎Sunday, ‎14 ‎August, ‎2011

Dear brothers and sisters,
I am now back to STS, KK. I returned on 6th August. I went through a very enriched, challenged and intensive week of readings and lectures on the course on "Globalization and Missions". It really opened my eyes to see how globalization impacts the Church and Christians; how we should do missions and discipleship.

Praise the Lord, my wife heart valve leakage check at Kuching showed heart condition is not worsening but she needs to do regular follow up. I thank Jesus for His grace and mercy upon my 4 children. The twins seem to see realize the importance of education for their lives (me and my wife always pray for that to happen). All 4 of them now help out in the household chores like washing dishes and sweeping the floor. It is an answered prayer also!
Deputy Chief Minister of Sarawak

Before I came here, I visited 2 YBs (Alan Ling Sie Kiong and Fong Pau Teck) of Miri with a few pastors and lay people on the 5th August. They are real humble state assembly men of Sarawak, from Democratic Action Party (DAP). I invited them to listen to my sermon at Hwai En Methodist Church on 31st July, they came. Anyway, brother Alan Ling is worshipping at Mei Ann and brother Fong is worshipping at Hwai En.

I wanted them to listen to my sermon at Hwai En on 31st July because I know they are very much serving the indigenous people of Sarawak. I preached a sermon on changing our Chinese mindset to make disciples among Ibans and other tribal groups. After they listened, I made appointment to see them. I told them my purpose was to pray and encourage them. I was so excited, encouraged and glad I could easily see them. Ever since the Sunday, every day I was preparing myself to bring up important things with them. Every day, I rehearsed in my mind the important things to say and even to be humorous about. As I did so, I also prayed about it. The more I thought about it, the more Jesus told me not to go alone but to bring in our Miri District Superintendent, Miri District Social Concerns Commission Chairlady and my fellow Pastor, Tan Chung Kiat (who is passionate about politics). I obeyed Jesus to call the DS and she just agreed.

In that one and half hour of meeting, it was full of laughter and I believed the presence of God also. We introduced ourselves to one another. I really joked about my previous dream of becoming a Deputy Chief Minister of Sarawak in my early days of studies at Penang USM, where I did my major in Political Science. I said God changed my mind and I turned out to be a pastor! My DS and bro Alan Ling joked about my dream. Whenever I joke about it, people always tell me it is still possible. My response to them is this: I am very sure of God's calling to be a pastor and I shall participate with the rest of the Church in transforming Sarawak (in particular) and Malaysia (in general).
We really shared about concerns for the society with them. We hope that they will refer cases like very poor people, marital troubles, orphans, and people with troubles, victims of all kinds of disasters, etc to us as we have agencies to possibly meet their needs. Sister Magdalene our District Social Concerns Chairlady introduced our Methodist Children Home, Sincere (counseling) and Hope (mentally challenged) Centers. Pastor Tan shared about Gan En church ministry with the Iban long houses for 13 years. So, we are now linked. I strongly believe that Jesus will open more doors for us to care and make disciples of the poor and needy.

YB Fong shared about his conviction to serve the people of Sarawak in politics. It all started with a need and he is passionate about pursuing it. To pursue his passion, he equipped himself in Taiwan and spent 30 months in England to observe how the political system there worked!
I affirmed them what they were doing for the Miri was on the right track and they should keep doing it. Pressing on the needs for transparency in government policies, justice, helping the poor, reaching out to the indigenous people, corruption free, etc by the political party are right moves. I really grasped the opportunity to stress on corruption free on running a government. We hoped they will keep introducing new political culture to the present politics of Sarawak. By no means, they practice corruption!

I also said to both of them that I had a burden to do bible studies with politicians. In fact, in my mind, what I hope to do with them is to make disciples of politicians so that they can be strong politicians for the truths which they are pursuing all the time. Do pray that this will become a reality in my life time.

I pray that all of you will show concerns for our politicians by praying for them; show concerns for politics by not practicing bribery, voting and encouraging the politicians both from the opposition and the government.

A faithful disciple of Jesus,
Pastor Law Hui Seng
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Monday, August 8, 2011

Dear brothers and sisters,

Praise the Lord despite a very busy reading schedule I can still write to you. I enjoy learning from those highly reccommended books. Every time when I learn new things, my hear is overjoyed and really felt it is a great privilege to study again. However, I have to do it with the great understanding of my wife and 4 children. My wife, Julia, recently fell sick and praise the Lord, she is recovering well. Every time I talk about my wife, I am so proud of her. She is not only (I almost leave out the 'not', as I tend to do most of the times. Otherwise, the meaning is completely different) a great wife and a great mother, but she is very much a great blessing to GMC GB and Pujut School GB.

My father-in-law is doing mission with me.
For about 2 months, my father-in-law (94 years old), Mr Chin Thin Chu and me, we had not played Chinese chess. I went home for my semester break and he fell ill and hospitalized for one week for pneumonia. We started again yesterday. He had his one eye lensored and now he can see clearly. His other eye is not working. I had a very spiritual encounter with him last Sunday. I just felt Jesus is using him to do mission on me. He may not see it that way, but as you read my testimony, you will understand why.
I won the first game in a very unusual manner. Right from the beginning I made a very major careless mistake. I made a careless move which resulted in the death of my one (out of 2) canon, the second most powerful agent. Then, he went on to attack me all the way. At the crucial point of the game, where if I did not sacrifice my (one out of 2) vehicle in exchange for his canon, the most powerful agent, he would defeat me. He also I chose not to give up so soon and persevere to give him a good fight. I believe from my past experience before a game ended, anything could happen.

In the process of my defence, I made a crucial move to counter attack and he did not calculated it and I guessed when he was at his strongest, it was also his weakest moment because he thought I was weak and I could not do much. As I counter attacked, he made a careless move which resulted in the death of his vehicle. It was a great moral blow to him. I was also very happy and it was my strongest moment and also my weakest moment. When he attacked me again, I did not calculate my move carefully, I lost my canon again. No more cannon. I was taught secon lesson for my carelessness. By now, the game was 50 50. However, I was able to catch his favorite horse, that was not in his calculation. In the end, I was left with 2 powerful horses and he got only 1 horse. He surrendered the game.

I learn from this game that in life, when you have small losses or defeat, you just do not give up, Jesus is always there to see you through, especially if I learn to correct myself of the wrong move and start all over again. Like the chess game, I did not give and continue to make the correct, in the end I still won.

However, as I played the second game, I was defeated in a bad manner. I could not recover from the attack. My major mistake was to pay great attention to his 'small fry' of the soldier (which turned up to be the giant killer as it was responsible to set the stage for all the fierce attack) coming down to my territory, a great threat to me. In the process of thinking how to get rid of it I neglect to calculate his other (larger picture) hidden plans of attacking me. As I reflect I made the serious mistake of beat the tree but miss the bush.

In life, we can pay 100% attention to something small and unimportant things and miss the larger picture of life like our family, relationships, christian testimony, values and character, etc.

I hope you see why my father-in-law is doing mission with me at the chinese chess. In fact, he was very excited about the games and he wanted to continue with the third game but I really said that I need to come back to hostel to do my studies.

A Faithful disciple of Jesus,
Pastor Law Hui Seng
‎(Monday, ‎4 ‎July, ‎2011, STS, KK)

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‎Monday, ‎18 ‎July, ‎2011

Dear brothers and sisters,

Praise the Lord, after a break of one week from writing my weekly reflection, I now still can come back to do it again. Last week I was simply too busy to do my daily theological readings of about 100 pages a day for 4 subjects. Now, I learn that I do not need to read that many pages, I just concentrated on reading those subjects which require me to pass up my work earlier. Now, I am in the midst of summarizing main points for the 3 books (finished) on curriculum development. The most powerful lesson I learn in this subject is that truth pursuit must be based on relationships between human beings and all others. The author points to love that binds all relationships. Please pray that all these truths which I acquire will be reflected in my life and behavior, especially when I make disciples of all nations.
Last 2 Sundays I had great encounter with Jesus again in my games of Chinese chess with my father-in-law. Jesus gave me 2 powerful lessons. I shall just state the 2 lessons and elaborate a bit, and I pray that Jesus will help you to do your own applications in your life.

I cannot be perfect
No matter how careful, alert, how detail I was in my calculations (reading his game), there were blind spots, miscalculations and weakness in my chess which I could not see. I played that game for more than one hour, though I lost, I learnt so much. I learn that no matter how holy I am, how close I am with Jesus, I still sin against Him. I cannot be perfect. I have to accept it. I paid attention to my inner feelings, I am glad to tell you that though I lost the game, I was not disappointed, not defeated, not angry, not blamed myself as I had tried my best; not sad; have no sense of 'revenge' (of course I always aim to win every game from the beginning of it though I am comparatively weaker than my father-in-law). I was at peace with myself. Though I lost the game, I told him I enjoyed myself as I learnt much spiritual and I enjoyed learning from my mistakes. I enjoyed learning from him on how to attack. You see, he is my great Si Fu and I am a great learner. He commented that I was very concentrated in my game. I have always having trouble in concentrating in hearing people, sermons, studying, etc. I do not mind all these confessions. I believe Jesus is using playing chess to train me to concentrate and focus! No matter what weaknesses, imperfections and shortcomings I have, I have always learnt to improve myself. I never give up learning.

When I am the strongest, I am in fact the weakest
I lost my first game yesterday in a most unusual manner. You see how I made a fool of myself. I was losing right from the beginning. However, I was able to waive off all the attacks and I even emerged on the way to winning and kept attacking him. I was very determined to win the game. I made the terrible miscalculation that he would never fight back again and however he attacked me I would defend. All the time I was attacking, I felt I was winning and only thought of winning. This was also my weakest moment as I failed to discover his subtle planning and in the end, I had no answer to his sudden attack and I lost a well fought game. I learnt that when I was winning, I was too proud and underestimating my opponent and my defense was the weakest. He did not give up and ceased the moment, the only moment, the only chance he may have to finish me. I reflect that in life, when everything is so successful and so good, I can be at my pride and not even notice it, the devil or any person out there or even myself can cause me to fall or sin against God.

Praise the Lord for the 2 great lessons. I pray that my chess experience can inspire you to love Jesus and be His faithful disciples.

A faithful disciple of Jesus,
Pastor Law Hui Seng

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‎Sunday, ‎24 ‎July, ‎2011
Dear brothers and sisters,

I pray that all of us are working hard towards a stronger faith in Jesus and be His disciples out in the world. I know you at times you may fail, I pray that you keep coming to Jesus for empowerement and help. He will show the way to be His disciple.

My blood pressure goes up to 140/100 again. This not good for me. May be it is because I am giving myself all the unnecessary pressure to read 100 pages a day. I need to learn to relax and take it easy. I will be going back to Miri on 29th July and come back on 6th August during our STS reading week. I look forward to be with my family once a month. Now, I like to share with you how real is Jesus to me.

Jesus is very real to me
At the beginning of the year, I took on the adventure of trusting Jesus to help me to bring back all the books I need for research from the different states in US. I told Jesus that He knew my needs, I am doing this research to make disciples of all nations (especially among the Ibans and indigenous people of Sarawak), His mission for His disciples on earth. I told Jesus He needed to arrange someone in US to bring back those books in time for my research of different subjects. I asked Him for names whom I could approach. As I prayed, and prayed, He gave me names to contact. I managed to contact them. I prayed and I took actions as the names came to me. I ordered the used books from amazon.com and sent to addressees in US. US bookrooms do not post used books to Sabah. All these 40 over books are treasures for my research. Over here in Sabah or in Sarawak, you have money, you cannot get them. There were 3 books when I ordered and I only had about 5 days' time to wait for my lecturer to bring back from US. The transportation instruction said it would take 2 to 3 weeks to arrive at the US address but my lecturer received 2 books within 5 days. The other book I also got it in time for me to do research. It saved me quite a lot of money in transportation costs just to get someone to send the used books back to Sabah.

Every one of those books which I read, it reminds me of God's faithfulness in providing for my needs. As a result these books with joy and gratitude all the time. All these books are highly recommended by lecturers and you can imagine the rich learning and equipping I get.

I prayed a lot for these books to arrive. In fact, especially the last 3 books, I trusted Jeus for a miracle. I prayed as I remembered it every day. I reminded Jesus to remind the workers, the addressees, the postmen and all those who handled my books not to delay my books. When I received the books in good timing, my heart rejoiced for Jesus was so understanding. He really provided for my needs and He really made sure that what I needed in ministry, He blessed. I have this faith in Him that He will do it all the time for me. There is no reason for Him not to bless me as I obey His call to do His will and mission on earth.

My faith is again and again strengthened (relationship with Jesus) through incidents like that. In the most powerful name of Jesus, I write to tell you that as you obey Jesus to do His will and mission, He is there for you. Will you trust Him? I pray that you do.

A faithful disciple of Jesus,
Pastor Law Hui Seng
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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

‎Monday, ‎1 ‎August, ‎2011

Dear brothers and sisters,

Praise the Lord I can be in fellowship with you out again.
I am spending time with my family (in Miri) in this one week of STS reading time.

I am now sitting with my children around me doing their studies in Miri home. My Tobias suddenly announced to me he scored one of his highest Mathematic marks in a trial paper for his primary 6 examination. I told him it was because Jesus who helped him. In mind I said so because I have been praying for my twins that Jesus helped to improve their as they try harder. He answered that Jesus indeed helped him but at the same time, he also worked at it. I am glad that my son know that he cannot be just depending on Jesus without putting in his own effort.

Tonight, my wife prepared steam boat for dinner. I remembered I told Julia, my wife, I grateful for it. My 3 younger children forgot to do it. They normally do it over the meals all the time. I asked them to go and do it and they did. They were obedient and cooperative. We had a very good fellowship over the table. It was so good that I want to write a testimony to you. I do with all sincerity and transparency. I really felt the warmth.

A memorable fellowship

In the midst of the dinner, my son Elliot asked me how was the food. I hesitated to answer good because it was not my real feeling. I said not bad. Then, he commented that I must be making myself a "rubbish dump". He even said if I knew what he meant or not. I said I did and then he asked for the meaning from me. I pointed to my stomach and explained that whatever they did not want to eat, I ate and treated my stomach as the rubbish dump. He said I got what he meant. I said he really knew the daddy's mindset. I told him he knew what I was in mind.

I laughed and laughed and went in close fellowship with him and the rest. I was prompted to think and say, "Since you know I am thinking, do you what your dad expect you to be? Do you know if dad is expecting you to become a pastor?" I fact, as said it, I laughed. He really smiled and said, "Of course I know." I told him, "You really know what is in my mind."

In another part of the conversation, I commented that they were awakened. The twins commented that they had already awakened much earlier. I responded and said to “tease” them and said, “How come you all have not seen the importance of education for your life?” I always pray for it to happen to them and it is always in my mind for my children. To prove that they have awakened to the importance of education, they said, “Studies will equip them to find a better job.” At this Julia also grasp the opportunity to come in and asked, “How come you all are not studying harder for their UPSR and still relaxing as it is only about one and half month left?” The twins smiled and insisted that they have been trying harder. After this we engaged them in great jokes and teases. It was really a great fellowship.

Immediately after that encounter, I thought it was an excellent fellowship with my family and so I wrote down the above note.
I pray that we all enjoy our fellowship with our family members and treasure our relationship while we are with them. By no means distant yourself from family members as the devil wants you to do it.

A faithful disciple of Jesus,
Pastor Law Hui Seng
(Miri Home)

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