Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Last night I met up with Dr Herbert Tan and mission team from West Malaysia, Tirinity Annual Conference. He used to disciple me in USM way back in 1988. He is doing youth ministry with TRAC and these youths and 2 adults (one missionary and a medical doctor) went to Long Lamai to make disciples of the Penans with Borneo Evangelical Mission (SIB). They were very touched by the presence of Jesus among the Penans. This is Dr Herbert 7th year coming to the Penan midst. Bringing youths all the way from West Malaysia and impacting their lives for Christ. A tedious step like that does not only bless the Penans but also very much impacted their youths and adults. When people young and old love jesus by doing mission, my heart is full of joy.

I will be doing mission among Penans of Ulu Belaganext Monday to Wednesday, with disciple of Jesus, Joseph Tan, pls remember us in your prayers. We need protection of Jesus for journey mercy, protection from the attack of the devil and diseases. There are about 15,000 penans in Sarawak. They are very receptive to the Gospel. SCAC is quite aggressive in reaching them for Christ. Right now, we have 5 full time missionaries helping them in the area of education as they have difficulty going to school. The area will be flooded because of dam construction. We need to win them before they are resettled to other places. We need a lot more missionaries to go on to cover more Penan long houses. At the moment, we still have a few long houses which we sent short term mission term regularly to go in and they need missionaries to do education with them. If you read this writing and you are touched by the need, you may respond to me and we can discuss how to go about getting you involved.

While there is still time, let us together stand up for Jesus and make disciples among Penans of Sarawak. Jesus would love you to do it. Will you?

A faithful disciple of Jesus,
Pastor Law Hui Seng (Miri, 7th Dec, 2011)

Posted By Teresa Han