Sunday, December 23, 2012

More ‘Pastor Joseph’ Please

Dear faithful disciples of Jesus,

One of my great encouragements in disciple making for Jesus is to see His disciples making disciples. One great disciple of Jesus whom I come across is in the person of ‘Pastor Joseph’. A disciple of Jesus whom I introduced to you more than two years, he really makes a difference for Jesus.

Who is this ‘Pastor Joseph’?

I brought him to survey Long Malim, Ulu Belaga, more than two years ago in 2010. It is a Penan (former ly nomadic) settlement with more than 200 people. It takes about 12 hours from Miri, not to mention travelling on dangerous timber road. This Penan tribal group is numbering at least 20,000. They are probably the most left behind group in Sarawak. Most of them are uneducated. SCAC is making disciples among them in a small way especially at Ulu Belaga in the recent 3 years through education and short term mission. We have touched quite a few hundred Penan. Most of the long houses which we are reaching will be flooded to make way for building of Murum dam. They will be resettled else where. Long Malim is one such place. I have reminded them that where they go, we will follow them and make them disciples of Jesus.

I believe bro Joseph Tan with a heart of great love for Penan because of his love for Jesus, ever since he met them, he continuously mobilizes his home church (Yi En Methodist) and other Miri District Methodist churches to go to do short term mission there for the past 2 to 3 years. He used his Jesus given BM speaking ability to the fullest and make disciples among the Penan. If more of us (younger generation of SCAC) are like that, you can imagine we will have no shortage of missionaries among the Penan. He taught them Ten Commandments and disciple them with systematic material. He mobilized other disciples of Jesus to be drivers, BM speaking brothers and sisters to teach the Penan children the word of God and invite them to come along to do cooking and social concerns. He mobilized team members to pray for needy Penan families. He taught them to exercise their spiritual authority to pray for the sick. He taught the Penan to be clean in their environment and set good example for them to follow. He made sure mission team members left behind no rubbish before we left so that we provided good example for Penan!

This ‘Pastor Joseph’ is also encouraging other Methodist churches to adopt a Penan long house like Yi En Methodist church. He prepared them to do it by bringing other disciples of Jesus with him and let them participate in the ministry. His effort is yielding fruit, for example, Mei Ann Methodist is now taking up Long Menapa.

This trip I went in again and served with him. I overheard the Long Malim people calling him ‘Pastor Joseph’! In the Methodist church, we do not call a person ‘pastor’ unless he or she is officially commissioned or ordained by the church. Penan people are not aware of it. However, as he goes there so often, he shepherded and disciple them as I described above, no wonder he is called ‘Pastor Joseph’. His other team members do not get that title. Therefore, I told him the Penan people had ‘ordained’ him to be their pastor. He must have gone there so often that he became part of their life. His pastoral role must have earned him the title.

Can we pray for more such ‘Pastor Joseph’ to come forward to serve the Penan of Ulu Belaga?

More Such Missionaries Please

This is my 7th mission trip to Ulu Belaga and I was called by Jesus to visit our SCAC 6 brave lady missionaries. It was an urge of the Spirit of Jesus as I always believe that they need prayers and encouragement in that tough and dangerous environment of ministry among the Penan. It is very tough to teach the Penan who do not have basic in BM and Mathematic. Daily travelling on the timber road is dangerous. Yet I was told they were all trained to drive. Ladies driving on timber roads and risking their lives for Jesus. By faith board of evangelism, SCAC prayed and appealed to churches for missionaries and they bravely responded in faith. They also live as neighbors along side the timber workers. They are really brave disciples of Jesus. If not because of their love for Penan children; and if they are not touched by the love of Jesus, they may not be there. Let us always uphold these brave missionaries of Ulu Belaga in our prayers. At the same time, let us pray for more such brave missionaries to be there at Ulu Belaga.

Prayers Needed:

1. Pray that where the Penan are resettled, churches will be built and BM pastors posted there.

2. Pray that Penan children will go to government schools nearby. Pray that SCAC will mobilize resources to support them in whatever we can.

3. Pray that more full time and short term missionaries will go in a more aggressive manner as time is running out as most of these long houses are going to be flooded in one year time. Remember once their lives are touched by Jesus through you, they forever belong to Jesus.

4. Pray that SCAC will send missionaries to unflooded areas to help in the area of education. There are long houses being identified, pray that SCAC will survey them soon.

5. Pray that SCAC will develop a holistic vision for Ulu Belaga Penan soon.

‘Pastor Joseph’ honestly shared with me he is tired after all these efforts. I really pray more

‘Pastor Joseph’ will step forward and pay the price for Jesus and take turns to go in and this can relieved ‘Pastor Joseph’ and we all survive longer at Ulu Belaga. When I encouraged ‘Pastor Joseph’ he always replied that he just wanted to give an account to Jesus one day he meets Jesus. Will you?

I pray that I will be there more often during my sabbatical next year. I pray that as disciples of Jesus, we all make our life counts for Jesus like ‘Pastor Joseph’. Can you do that at where you are?

A Faithful Disciple of Jesus,

Pastor Law Hui Seng

(Miri, 21st December, 2012)

Posted By Teresa Han

Thursday, December 6, 2012

My Mother

Dear disciples of Jesus,

I have been arranging my mother to receive treatment and follow up for her health problem in the last 17 years in Kuching (1998 – 2001) and Miri (2002 till now), at where I serve as a pastor. I flew her from Sibu to Kuching and Miri. Since she is living in Ulu Dalat (where she lives in Iban kampong) where my family cannot easily visit my parents, I need to make this special effort. My father has to stay back alone to do fish and pig farming during mother’s absence.

I believe this is my practical way of honoring my mother according to the teaching of the commandment. It is a most spiritual thing to do. I brought her to do eye problem follow up in Miri yesterday. In fact, my brothers, sister and brother-in-law and sisters-in-law are doing her other health problems follow up in Sibu.

Last night, while my mother was tidying up the clothes for my family, she said something very dear from her heart to me. It is something like her life’s will and heart desire for us brothers, sister and in-laws. She said very calmly and naturally, “People of my age (67 years) may leave this world any time. I wish you all brothers and sister will always discuss and consult one another as a united family all the time. Do not mind the business of your own family only. Always stay together.” I really felt the significance and the value she tried to remind. This morning I told my wife about it. I have 2 brothers who are married with 9 children, a sister who is married with 2 young children and I have 4 children. There are 21 of us in this big family. I am proud of my family. We are united and care for one another. I pray that this is always our witness as disciples of Jesus.

This morning as I sent my mother into the immigration hall at Miri, she said something so simple and yet it reminded me that she is a mom with great character. I baptized her. When we get together, she will always follow me in saying the grace before meals with me in Foochow. My mother can only speak Foochow and Iban. She always prays for us children and grandchildren. Outside the immigration hall, after I prayed for her journey mercy, she said, “Please tell your mother-in-law that her daughter (Julia, my wife) is a good daughter-in-law and she treats me well.” Upon sitting in the car, I quickly told Julia and my mother-in-law about it. They are most encouraged. Her statements stimulate me further to reflect upon her great characters that hold us together all these years.

She is a very understanding lady, considerate and always bear our welfare in mind, always say encouraging words to me and all the in-laws and grandchildren, holding all of us together in unity and most important of all she loves all of us. At one stage, I did not visit my third brother and family, she reminded me to do it. Upon reminder, I did make the special effort to do it. In fact, when our family members are sick and down with troubles, we always inform one another. In this way, we always support one another. I also remember them in my prayers and we call one another.

She knows that my income as a pastor is not much, right at the beginning of my marriage, she told me not to worry about her and dad in terms of finance. My parents-in-law do the same. I am very proud of my parents and parents-in-law. Please remember my family in prayers:

A. My father (67 years) will come to know Jesus and be saved.

B. Both sides of my parents will enjoy their golden years.

C. We will continue to be united as brothers and sisters in a big family.

I pray for all your parents and in-laws to enjoy their golden years, and you and your siblings will remain united in faith and love. I pray if your siblings or parents are not saved yet, Jesus will save them.

A Faithful disciple of Jesus,

Pastor Law Hui Seng

(Miri, 4th December, 2012)

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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Great Learning at STS

Dear faithful disciples of Jesus,

Praise the Lord I have graduated from Sabah Theological Seminary on 3rd November, 2012. A million thanks to you for praying and supporting my family all this while. When difficulties came throughout my studies, I had the assurance that you all were praying for us. I felt supported. Before the studies, I took a step of faith to do it with a concern that it was a great stress to my wife to take care of our four children all by herself. This was very much in view of her imperfect heart condition.

I must also take this opportunity to thank Jesus and STS community for the great learning.

First and foremost, in terms of equipping myself for the BM ministry disciple making among the Iban of Sarawak, I now felt equipped. As a future BM pastor, I now have a very clear picture of how an Iban disciple of Jesus should be like. Also, I felt equipped to train others to be BM pastors.

Secondly, STS lecturers, students and staff have provided me with an excellent multi-ethnic environment to develop my ability to speak BM and understand the indigenous people (including Iban) better. This environment provided me with great interaction among lecturers, students and staff. It was a great fellowship and meaningful living together for two years. It was most unforgettable.

Thirdly, my ministry at Agape Methodist Church (Kota Kinabalu) was a continuous learning and training experience. It strengthened my preaching, prayer and fellowship skills. I was great encouraged by their responses towards my ministry. Their sharing of their needs and joy, and my response to them had helped sharpening my pastoral skills.

Fourthly, my ministry at other Methodist churches at Miri, Limbang, KK and Tawau had deepened my understanding of the great needs among both Chinese and indigenous people. They tested my pastoral skills and mould me to be a more mature pastor.

Do pray with me as I move on to make disciples of all nations in the following areas:

(1) My two years of theological studies can result in Iban Christian disciple making. It will lead to Iban Christians impacting Sarawak at large.

(2) Many Chinese and Iban would step forward to be trained as BM pastors.

(3) Jesus will bless my wife Julia with a successful and safe heart operation by a good surgeon this 18th November.

(4) I can train my four children to be disciples of Jesus.

(5) My preaching at Hwai En and Grace this weekend and next weekend will result in life transformation.

I pray that Jesus bless you and empower you to love the people around you so that they come to realize we all need Jesus very much in our life.

A Faithful disciple of Jesus,

Pastor Law Hui Seng (6th November, 2012, Miri)

Posted By Teresa Han

Friday, August 31, 2012

Preaching at Holy Grace Methodist, Tawau, Sabah

Dear brothers and sisters,

For so many years, I only heard of Tawau; and now I see her with my own eyes. Praise the Lord for the strong presence of Jesus there at the third largest town of Sabah. Church of different denominations like Anglican, Roman Catholic, Calvary, Basel, Baptist and SIB really make their presence felt there! There are about 40,000 Chinese and the church attendance of Chinese is about 5,000. There are a lot more fish to be caught. Besides, there are a great population of Indonesians, Malays and local indigenous people living there.

My Mission

For the first time I was there. In the past I read much about her in the newspaper only; and heard of people going there and coming from there. Lots of Sarawakians worked there and settled down. Many of them become successful and own businesses and properties. Some who are committed Christians really make a difference for Jesus by taking up church leadership positions in different denominations.

I was invited to be the speaker for the Sabah Provisional Annual Conference East District Methodist Junior Youth Fellowship retreat speaker. I preached on ‘Living Together With Love’ in mandarin to 24 creative, active, sociable and exciting junior youths. I shared about my love story with the first girl friend and the last girl friend, both the first and the last is my wife. I shared about how I trusted Jesus in my relationship with my girl friend. I encouraged them to do likewise. I preached about how to love one another in Christ; emphasizing on admitting our wrongs; and how to ask for forgiveness. I also emphasized very much on building all our Christian characters on love. They were challenged to practice those Christ like characters in their daily lives. I enjoyed fellowship with the youths in our private conversations.

I pray that Jesus will raise many pastors, missionaries, God fearing professionals, church leaders and impactful leaders in society from this group of young people.

I also preached in the morning and night services at Holy Grace Methodist church on ‘Preaching Christ and Him Crucified’ based on 1Corinthians 1:18-25. I challenged them to focus on the sacrifice made by Jesus on the cross and learn from Him to make sacrifices so that others also learn to love Jesus like us. I enjoyed the great fellowship with Rev Sia Howe Ding and church leaders. Praise the Lord I was able to be at Rev Sia’s house (parsonage) and prayed for the family; and also prayed for his church members also. When we met over meals and fellowship, we shared some humours and mutual encouragements.

Meeting Brother Pau, Husband of My Late Teacher, Sister Lau

I got the chance of my life time in meeting my primary school teacher’s (late sister Lau) husband, bro Pau Kiew Kiong. The last time I met him was when he dropped off his wife at school when I was primary one! Now, after more than 40 years we met again!

This is a great family who serve Jesus as a family. (Brother Paul confessed that after she left, they really felt they missed serving God as a family. This showed the strong bond they had as a lovely family. This act touched me very much as I need to learn from them) When I was in Primary One, I was taught by late sister Lau. I remember she was real strict, committed and serious in her teaching. I was really scared of her. There was one time I said a bad word in class, and she heard it. She ordered me to go and wash my mouth in the toilet. I was made to be aware that speaking bad words is unacceptable.

Eventually, I met her after so many years in early 2000 during an East Malaysia Methodist Conference at Sibu Masland Methodist Church. I was sitting next to her and I recognized her. I immediately told her I was her student and I was a pastor then! I believed she was encouraged as she smiled and shared with me how she was serving in the ladies fellowship. After reading the 21st Anniversary magazine of Holy Grace Methodist Church, I also discovered she and brother Pau were very committed to Jesus in the church. I am also very encouraged to know the couple has also produced a pastor, their son, who is ministering in Singapore with his wife.

What a chance I experienced in meeting my late teacher’s husband, Brother Pau. We had 2 meals together and we did not discover my student-teacher relationship with his wife. He did share about how his pastor son missed his mom but I never linked it to my teacher. I knew she passed away in the Methodist Message. Only after brother Lee Sui Muk (who brought me to see churches, key buildings and housing areas of Tawau; and this is my wish coming true), the LCEC chairman of Holy Grace, showed me his testimony in the 21st anniversary magazine, then, I saw her picture in the cover page, then, I started to ask for the name of my teacher’s husband. And they said it is bro Pau Yew Kiong (in his 60s) whom I did not realize in my 2 earlier encounters over the meals. He is so cheerful, humorous, committed to church ministry (a church leader and ministering to senior brothers and sisters); and all the time encouraging and challenging me to serve in Tawau! He always tried to link our conversations to getting me to serve in Tawau. As we talked about it and other things, we laughed and laughed. He even apologized to me if he had hurt me in any way. I said it was not at all as I knew it was all his sense of humour.

Brother Pau and family are moving on happily with life and ministry despite the loss of their beloved wife and beloved mother. I pray that Jesus will continue to bless them with good health, strong faith, love and joy to serve and live for Christ.

Holy Grace Methodist Church

Praise the Lord for the 200 strong congregations who built the church since 1983. So far, they have planted 3 Mandarin churches and 1 BM preaching point far and near. They have produced 2 pastors who are still very much serving Jesus. They are running a kindergarten with about 70 children. Though this is not a huge congregation, they are trying their best to be faithful to Jesus in making disciples and to be good stewards to God’s resources. They faced the great challenges of great mobility but the faithful pastors have always done their best with the church leaders and lay people.

I pray that Jesus continues to empower them to reach out to the lost both among the Chinese and the indigenous people of Tawau; and especially among the poor, marginalized and the outcasts.

A Faithful Disciple of Jesus,

Pastor Law Hui Seng

(KK, STS, 20th August, 2012)

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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Experiencing Spirit of Jesus at Thesis Oral Defence

Dear brothers and sisters,

I passed my Master of Theology thesis oral defence with corrections this afternoon at about 4pm. Thanks you very much for taking time to pray for me. I also asked STS BM students and a few Mandarin department students to pray for my thesis defence. I strongly believe Jesus heard your prayers and my prayers.

It was once in my life time thesis defence! In my own human planning, I never thought of doing Master of Theology. I told people I prefer to be with my 4 teenaged children and coach them as they grow up to be teenagers and to be with my wife who has a heart valve leakage problem. I prefer to do the BM ministry and see results of conversions after conversions. However, Jesus put a burden in me that made me realized I need to multiply my efforts. There is a great need for more BM pastors and SCAC have not produced enough. On my way to minister in Brunei few years ago, Jesus called me to multiply my effort by training more of them. I responded to that calling willingly without any bargaining with Jesus. I believe He will provide anything my family needs and He will qualify me! Jesus qualified me with a pass this afternoon. Here was my experience.

Experienced Spirit of Jesus

I could sense I was a bit nervous at first when I did my thesis presentation for the first few minutes. Praise the Lord it went away and I could feel that I was confident to defend my thesis. (In fact, with all my preparations, I still worried about going blank before this. This is my confession)

I could answer most of the questions well in the sense that I could explain myself. In areas where the panel thought I was weak I admitted I had to elaborate more. I agree with them I have to resolve my key problem of negative correlation; my applications are conceptual and not practical enough; lacking explanations for my key assumption; and too much quotation from one source. I had written 4 chapters. Now I have to do minor corrections for chapter 2; and major corrections for chapter 3 and 4; and one short chapter 5 with vision and conclusion added.

How did I experience the Spirit of Jesus? Firstly, as I explained myself, I was so confident I answered their questions and I experienced peace in the process. Secondly, as I agree with them the need to improve my thesis, I was not frustrated, not disheartened, not disappointed, and definitely not depressed by the challenges to do it. Thirdly, I just felt their inputs and suggestions were constructive to make my thesis better. Fifthly, I really enjoyed my thesis defence!

Prayer Requests:

(1) Thank God for the pass with corrections. Jesus has qualified me.

(2) Pray that I am able to find good information on how to resolve the negative correlation. Pray that I will do a careful job of corrections.

(3) Pray that Jesus empowers me to preach to the youths and church members at Tawau Methodist Church this weekend 18th and 19th August. Pray that Jesus shows me their needs. (I will be in Miri 21st to 27th August)

(4) Pray that Jesus empowers me to preach to Tudan Methodist Church members so that their faith is strengthened and not afraid of ghosts on 26th August back in Miri.

I pray that all of us experience the Spirit of Jesus in a real personal manner; and Jesus gives you joy.

A Faithful disciple of Jesus,

Pastor Law Hui Seng

(STS, KK, Just after Mth. Thesis Oral Defence, 15th August)

Posted By Teresa Han

Friday, August 10, 2012

I Said Sorry to My Daughter

Dear brothers and sisters,

Today is 8th August (Wednesday), and I said sorry to my daughter yesterday. It was my precious encounter with Jesus, so, I feel it is worth sharing with you. I pray that we all learn to say sorry to our family members so that the love of Jesus is expressed in our family; and the presence of Jesus in our family is felt.

What Happened?

During the last end of the month (monthly) trip back to Miri, my wife went to Kuching for her regular heart check follow up. I needed to prepare for the dinners. As usual I asked my daughter to do it. I was always careful not to comment about her best cooking because I wanted to train her to cook simple food. I always appreciated her cooking by thanking her and my other children to thank her. Honestly, I am not good at all at cooking.

During that Monday late afternoon, I was consulting my wife Julia over the phone how to cook a dish of vegetable. At the same time, I watched my daughter frying fish balls which we all liked. She has always did well. However, this time, as I was talking over the phone, I saw she over fried the fish balls and they were darker in colour. I got anxious (and nervous) and hastily raised my voice to tell to ask her to switch off the fire.

The conflict arose when I insisted that she did not switch off the fire as I requested and she said she did. She cried and she felt I had wrongly accused her. She was innocent; and I insisted she did do as I requested. She was very emotional about it and she could not get over with it. It made me thought about it even when I was back to KK. Did I make a mistake in wrongly accusing her? I thought for quite a few days. Deep in my heart, I told myself I could have made a mistake and I needed to say sorry to her. I was even prepared to say sorry even if I did not make the mistake as I did not want her to hate me for life. Furthermore, I could sense that she was so sure I wrongly accused her. There was no witness at all! There was an urge in my heart to say sorry to her but I did not take action! But I believe Jesus had prepared me to say sorry at this stage.

My Daughter was relieved.

Praise the Lord is very sensitive to my daughter. She sensed that my daughter was harbouring resentment and even bitterness towards. She kept mentioning daddy had wrongly accused her. She called me yesterday and told me the situation. I quickly grasped the opportunity to confess that I could have made a mistake; and I wanted to say sorry to her over the phone. Over the phone, though she did not want to respond to my apology but my sensed that she was relieved. Praise the Lord I was able to do it in the power of the Spirit of Jesus, as an act of love towards my daughter.

Brothers and sisters, can we let go of our pride, ego, face, and self-centredness; and say sorry to our family members when we are wrong? Remember Jesus’ love comes to your family when you do it genuinely from your heart.

A Faithful disciple of Jesus,

Pastor Law Hui Seng

(KK, STS, 8th August, 2012)

Posted By Teresa Han

Olympic Gold Medal Hope of All

Dear brothers and sisters,

Though there is no more hope of a historic Olympic gold medal for all Malaysians, I learnt something precious. I like to share with you my encounter with Jesus again in this Olympic.

There Was a Strong Hope

I seldom see people from all works of life expressing this hope of a gold medal from badminton. People from Barisan National, Pakatan Rakyat, public and private sectors, young and old, religious and non-religious bodies, Buddhists, Muslims, Hindus, Christians, and all kinds of other religious followers; and different races are UNITED in expressing this hope. Some even prayed for a gold medal. I prayed and I even encouraged my STS friends to pray. When Lee Chong Wei was behind in the third set with the score of 19-20 (match point), I even closed my eyes to ask God to give him a deuce! It did not work but my hope was expressed to Jesus.

United by a Hope

I see that this time we are united by a hope of an Olympic gold medal. Though the hope was dashed, it makes me reflect about a powerful hope. It was a powerful hope that may have united all Malaysians for the first time in the history of Malaysia. In this post-modernity society and the world, we disagree so much on so many things ranging from socio-economy to politic. Look at the disagreements between political parties who represent different ethnic groups in our country. Look at the religious divides among different religions. This is to name a few.

United by Love

If all Malaysians are united by a gold medal hope of Olympic that can express honour, status, and capabilities of Malaysians; what about the universal need for us human beings for human love that unite all Malaysians. We all need love and we can be united by love. I strongly believe that languages, races, capabilities, competitions, policies, and etc may not unite all of us. But when it comes to the need for love, regardless of your religions, race, nationalities, level of education, you will not reject love!

Can you Express Love?

Therefore, no matter what disagreements we have, can express love to one another at our work place, in schools, in meetings, competitions, during meal times, when you serve your customers, when you teach your children, between husbands and wives, among neighbours, among political parties and religious institutions; and the list is endless.

Jesus gives me an excellent model of how He loves His disciples and all of us. He washed His disciples’ feet, healed the sick and the blind, delivered the demon possessed, fed the hungry, comforted the sad, touched both the rich and the poor; and most important of all, He even sacrificed His life to express His love for every human beings on earth.

This Olympic gold medal hope may not make you and me a better person in terms of characters, values and principles on the truth. However, if we are united behind love which everybody needs, we develop a harmonious, peaceful, happy and joyful, stable and high spirit society that is sustainable in the sense we will stand the tests of immorality, corruption and greed, crimes, injustice, racial prejudices and religious divides.

Can we do better than uniting ourselves behind the Olympic gold medal hope by uniting ourselves behind love expressed by Jesus? I pray that you do.

A Faithful disciple of Jesus,

Pastor Law Hui Seng

(STS, KK, 8th August, 2012)

Posted By Teresa Han

Iban Disciples of Jesus at Tudan, Miri

Dear brothers and sisters,

Thanks very much for upholding in prayers as I preached at Tudan Methodist Church last Indigenous People Sunday, 29th July. It was an unforgettable experience as I ministered in the word of God and prayers.

Supremacy of Christ

I was all excited about preaching against syncretism using Colossians 1:15-20, urging them to give up their charms and amulets, not to visit shamans (bomoh or manang), and not to fear bad dreams. Sister Pauline gave a testimony of how she and whole family totally trusted Jesus and gave up charms and amulets. I believe Jesus used my preaching and sister Pauline’s testimony to empower Iban brothers and sisters to trust Jesus 100% as my research showed 3 out of 10 Ibans are syncretistic. There were also songs sung on the supremacy of Christ. That is they accepted Jesus as their saviour but they also believe in the other powers that can solve their problems. I preached trusting Jesus 100% and not trust other powers at all.

Tearful Responses

After the service, I called for prayers for those who needed it. As usual I use James 5 in praying for the sick. I requested bro Wong Kung Kui and bro Bali and sister Pauline who are church leaders to join me in praying for their needs. We always sing ‘In the Cross’ to focus on Jesus to humble ourselves before Him and asked for His forgiveness of our sins according to James 5. We confessed our sins. There were about 15 of us who needed prayers. We did it one by one and we laid our hands on each one of them; and I anointed them with olive oil as taught by James 5.

We prayed Jesus’ forgiveness of our sins, healing of sickness, blessings and binding of spirits like fear, and sickness; and command them to leave the body. I could see that they trusted Jesus in faith. Quite a few of them wept, cried and sobbed as we prayed and ministered. I believed the Spirit of Jesus touched them as we ministered.

Very Encouraged

I learnt news of a sister who is accepted into a local university. It is a great news as this is what we always prayed for them and our vision to see all their children to enter university. Her family asked the church to help her in the area of finance for her to go. Grace Methodist Church responded so willingly and timely. I am so encouraged that I have to put it down in record like this. I pray that more and more Methodist churches will help in the indigenous people education in Sarawak as we train them to disciples of Jesus.

Let us not only interested in the Ibans’ salvation; but also be channels of social concerns to them in the areas of education, health and welfare as Jesus is not only interested in the salvation of their souls but very much their overall well beings. The gospel of Christ must be holistic in touching Ibans spiritual, social-welfare, economic, and political needs. Will you live out this kind of gospel among the Ibans?

A Faithful Disciple of Jesus,

Pastor Law Hui Seng

(STS, KK, 4th August, 2012)

Posted By Teresa Han

Friday, August 3, 2012

My Olympic

Dear brothers and sisters throughout the world,

I am very excited to write to you my encounter with Jesus again. This time, I experienced it in my dream in Miri last week. I just felt Jesus the God almighty is so real to me. I pray Jesus who is God became a human being is also very real to you.

I called it My Olympic because though I am not there to compete but Jesus used it to give me a reflection that helps me to focus on Him only. Here it goes.

Arrow in the hand of Jesus

I was captivated by the focus of our Malaysian archer Khairul Ahmad at the Olympic who was so calm, steady, courageous and most important of all, so focused. I thought about it and related it to spiritual truths as I watched. Amazingly, Jesus made it better as I dreamt about it. The following picture and reflection came from my dream when I wake up in the morning. I even shared it with my wife, Julia. She listened to me patiently and it helped me to remember and write to you now.

I feel like I am an arrow in the hand of Jesus, my Master, the Almighty God who is my archer. Khairul targeted his arrows at the centre which gave him 10 points for a few times. He was so accurate and it gave me an unforgettable memory that led me to a spiritual dream.

Jesus the Archer

I know Jesus the Almighty God is more than my archer. A human archer targets his arrow to the right goal or the so called ‘destiny’. Similarly, as an arrow, I submit my life to Jesus, the archer, He will shoot this arrow to the right targets (goals, destiny, righteous paths, Christ-likeness, eternal life, right direction in life, right and godly decision, right preaching, right counselling, right parenting, right…). He will make sure our abilities, financial means, characters, spiritual gifts, wisdom and everything we have to point/ target towards the right things/ path. Will you allow yourself tobe the arrow in Jesus’ hand, the archer? You can trust this archer as He has resurrected and living inside you.

On the other hand, if I am careless, I submit my life to my flesh or the devil, it will target the arrow to hit on human greed, adultery, self-deception, dishonesty, jealousy, self-centredness, hatred, bitterness, anger and unforgiveness, blindness about our own problems… I do not want my arrow to go in these sinful directions and head for roads of no return.

Can you allow Jesus to be your archer? I pray that you do.

A Faithful Disciple of Jesus,

Pastor Law Hui Seng

(STS, KK, 3rd August, 2012)

Posted by Teresa Han

Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Art of Sacrifice & Jesus’ Sacrifice

Dear brothers and sisters,

I cannot wait to write to share with you my encounter with Jesus after I play 2 games of Chinese Chess with my 96 year old father-in-law.

I experienced a important points which I link to Jesus’ sacrifice and my faith in Him.

1. My father-in-law as usual attack me and as usual I am on the defence. I was losing (I lost the first one) my second game because my cannon and vehicle were finished by him owing to my miscalculations. I thank God that throughout the second game, I kept reminding myself as long the game was not over, I had a chance to come back and beat him. I was not frustrated but I enjoyed it. I am so glad I can play the chess with him as he has the strength to do it with me. He likes to play chess and I love to learn from him. In this way, I experience our close relationship in Christ.

2. My chance did come. I counter attack after he could not finish me. My counter attack actually threatened his game. However, he was willing to sacrifice a cannon in order to brush off my dangerous attack; and counter attacked me and beat me! After the game, he told me the need to make a sacrifice in order to solve a problem in the chess. He said I need to know the timing to make the sacrifice in order to make a difference in the game. I link this to the sacrifice that Jesus made the cross. Biblical scholar taught that Jesus was attacked 5 times and only the last time He allowed Himself to be crucified. He knew the best timing to make a sacrifice that that made the difference of shedding His blood for mankind.

3. In ministry, I also need to learn the art of sacrifice, in the sense of the right timing, the need to do it, and the necessity of allowing others to misunderstand you and hurt you and condemn you. But, in making the sacrifice, I make sure I do not regret and hate others. I believe when I do so, it is in the name of Jesus.

4. My father-in-law also commented about my cannon which was placed in the middle for the purpose of attacking his king. He said once I did not fulfil that function, I must quickly move away and use it for other purpose. Otherwise, it can become a stumbling block. I reflected that in life and ministry, once I serve in a position and if it is not bearing fruit I should quickly allow others who are effective to take over. Otherwise, I become a stumbling block in ministry.

What a wonderful encounter I had with Jesus in those few minutes of my father-in-law comments and my linking to Jesus Christ. I pray we all learn the art of sacrifice and letting go of our position if we are not bearing fruit.

A faithful disciple of Jesus,

Pastor Law Hui Seng

(STS, KK, 23rd July, 2012, Monday)

Posted By Teresa Han

Monday, July 23, 2012

Thesis defence on 15th August, 2012

Dear brothers and sisters,

Praise the Lord I have reached this stage of my thesis. Thanks very much for your prayers and support. For many of you I do remember you in my daily prayers. Please remember me and my family in your prayers:

A. My wife Julia who has a heart problem will continue to be healthy to look after the 4 children during my absence. I schedule to graduate on 3rd November, 2012 Saturday afternoon at Sabah Theological Seminary. If you are in KK, do come and join our graduation.

B. Pray that me and my supervisor and 2 readers will keep up with our good communication. Praise the Lord I am learning a lot from them as they correct my thesis. Pray that I am able cut down my total words to about 30,000.

C. Thank God that during my May and June semester break I successfully coached my twins to improve in their studies. They use to fail a few subjects each in their Form 1. As a result of our effort together, they only fail one subject in the last examination. Please pray that they will continue to improve further. I look forward to coach them again in Miri this 26th July to 1st August. I always pray that Jesus will call them to serve Him.

D. Pray that Jesus empowers me to preach on the Supremacy of Christ to Tudan Methodist Iban brothers and sisters this 29th July at Miri.

I pray that all of us always keep close to Jesus our Lord, and love our family members.

A Faithful disciple of Jesus,

Pastor Law Hui Seng

(STS, KK, 21st July, 2012)

Posted By Teresa Han

Saturday, June 2, 2012

My gains in 2 weeks of Training

Dear brothers and sisters,

My wife was away to KK for 2 weeks to attend to her mom was not feeling as she learns to honor parents. During her absence, I need to work very closely with my 4 children. I sent them to and from school; prepare meals; do laundry; coach them in studies to prepare for the examination; discipline them in behavior and attitude; get them to pray before school and before meals; bring them for i-youth, etc. In the process, we always had heart to heart talk. I really got to experience what my wife said about the challenges we faced with each child. I faced the challenges head on in the name of Jesus.


I need to train to get them to eat fruit and vegetable which they do not like but it is very important for their health. They are not willing to do it but I have to impose on them. I have not succeeded yet.


One child has a negative attitude towards life. Praise the Lord I finally got to pray a deliverance and warfare prayer for him. It helps a bit though he is not free yet. I really illustrate to him what it means to be negative and why it is not good.


I felt the joy of teaching and coaching them. As I see them understanding my explanation and get the right answers in Mathematics, I was so happy. I realized that they were not as weak in their studies as I think. In fact, I prayed much both for their studies and character.


I had the opportunity to correct their bad attitudes and characters. Take for instance, if their speech is impolite or rude; throwing their tantrum around; get them to say sorry to one another. I also said sorry if I was wrong. I appreciated their help in the kitchen, collecting clothe, obedience and cooperation. I still have to work hard on their characters of initiative and responsibility. I allow them to suffer the consequences of throwing their tantrum around. For example, if one does not like the food I prepare, they have to go without food for that meal. I did not pamper them.

Praise the Lord my mercy was committed to prepare the meals and I can see she was very willing to do it. She would wash dishes also. Then she mentioned that her hands’ skin started to peel. I and the twins came in to help to wash the dishes. We try to help another.


Please for me and my wife that we are to train them to be disciples of Jesus. Also pray for Jesus to empower me to preach at Hwai En Methodist church indigenous people Sunday and preaching at Sg Burid longhouse in this coming 2 Sundays.

I pray for you all that Jesus will grant you all strength, good health, joy, faith, and love to help others (including your own family) to become disciples of Jesus.

A Faithful disciples of Jesus,

Pastor Law Hui Seng

(29th May, 2012, Miri)

Posted By Teresa Han

Monday, April 2, 2012

Forty Six Years Old

Dear brothers and sisters,

Today is my 46th birthday. If not because of Jesus Christ, I do not think me and my family will live such meaningful life. Today, my wife called and wished me happy birthday. I thank her for willing to marry me and we are blessed with 4 children to make disciples of Jesus. At the same time, I also told my wife I am prepared to see Jesus anytime.

Thesis Writing
I have finished writing 3 chapters out of 6 chapters. Thank God for blessing me with a very good supervisor, who puts in hard work and helps me to improve my thesis in every way possible. I am moving on to write my 4th chapter.

My Prayer Requests:

a. God will call a lot of these recent graduates of 3 month short term mission (Sabah Theological Seminary) 44 students, including 7 from Methodist BM and Chinese churches; to become future pastors and missionaries.

b. My 5th chapter of thesis will be very practical so that it can be materialized at Sarawak Chinese Annual Conference. My thesis is about developing cross-cultural BM pastors in SCAC.

c. Me and my wife have wisdom, faith and love to help my 4 children in their studies, spiritual life and character development. Pray for Tobias to be bold and willing to learn and work hard in all areas of life.
I pray for all of us to love our family members and Jesus in all our undertakings.

God bless.

A Faithful disciple of Jesus,
Pastor Law Hui Seng
(30th March, 2012, KK, STS)

Posted By Teresa Han

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

My Father-in-law forced a draw

Dear brothers and sisters,

Praise the Lord I finally meet you again in my reflection. I shall share with you my update in my thesis writing, and a wonderful experience of a Chinese chess game with my father-in-law this afternoon.

Thanks very much for remembering me and my family in your prayers. Julia is going to do her heart check again at Kuching this 20th March. I will be visiting my family at Miri this 15th to 20th March.

I visited my family last month, and praise the Lord I was able to visit 3 small groups of Grace Methodist, and I was very encouraged to see brothers and sisters loving Christ in their life.

Thesis Writing

Praise the Lord my thesis proposal was approved last month. I have finished writing chapter 1 (out of 6 chapters). My supervisor did a thorough reading and analysis, I am in the midst of learning to rearrange all the paragraphs of chapter 1 and writing with precision. I have almost finished chapter 2. I will try to finish the correction of chapter 1 and pass up chapter before I go back to Miri this month. My thesis is basically about developing a cross-cultural pastoral care disciple making approach. It is my mission here in STS.

Chinese Chess Game

Praise the Lord I was able to spend a solid 2 hour time with my father-in-law (95 years old) this afternoon in a game of Chinese chess. After the Chinese New Year, I thought he was not able to sit up for long, so I thought I might not have a chance to play chess with him anymore. I think this afternoon he tried to sit for a longer time by playing chess with me, he did it! I am always very keen to play with him as I can learn a lot from him in the midst of playing. I was so happy that we could play again. His mind is very powerful. He calculated every move carefully. He made no careless mistake.

From the beginning, I reminded myself not to be scared of him and I could defeat him though he is much better than me. (I told him the psychology after the game; he laughed and commended me) I played very well and I was confident of defeating him when it came to the end of the game. To summarize the finishing game, he left only one vehicle, the king, one bus, two elephants. I left one vehicle, the king, two buses, two elephants and 4 soldiers! I should beat him with the 4 soldiers and the vehicle.

He moved his vehicle around skilfully to finish my 4 soldiers. He forced a draw. I have to humbly accept it. I learn from this game a few things in sequence of their importance. Firstly, in life, I need to make full use of whatever resource I have to meet the challenges. My father-in-law moved about the vehicle skilfully and resourcefully. I had not made full use of my 4 soldiers and allow him to kill them one by one! Secondly, my father-in-law never gives up even though he seems to be losing the game. In life, I should try my best to do everything for Christ even though things at times may not look good. Thirdly, my father-in-law refused to believe that he could not sit up for long. He came up of the negative mindset and he was able to make it. I learn that I must not remain in my negative mindset. As I decide to come out of it, Christ will carry me through.

After the game, we analysed the game, I told him my miscalculations of his game, and I encouraged him about how he powerfully moved his vehicle. He reminded me that a horse could be more powerful than a cannon when it came to the final stage of the game. I did the right thing to exchange my canon with his horse. We closed the game with a prayer. I really prayed that we would meet and play chess again next Sunday.

I pray that you learn spiritual lessons even through little things in life.

A faithful disciple of Jesus,

Pastor Law Hui Seng (4th March, 2012, STS, KK)

Posted By Teresa Han

Monday, February 6, 2012

I am the way, truth, and the life

Hwai En/ Agape (mandarin) Methodist Church
27th November, 2011/ 5th Feb, 2012
Written By Rev Law Hui Seng
Posted By Teresa Han

John 14:1-15
Main Idea: Jesus is the way to life
Objective: To teach the congregation that Jesus is the way in our life.

A. Introduction

- Have you ever had this experience? Somebody gave you an address, you went the wrong way, you turned the wrong corner, you are supposed to turn right, but you turn left. Subsequently, you lost your way. You get the right way, road, direction, you find the place.

- A series of Singapore drama shows called ‘The Most Fiery Partnership’ in mandarin caught my attention. Especially in the last few episodes I learnt that a boy who was given a wrong indoctrination by his uncle. He was taught by his uncle to grow up to take revenge for his father. Actually, his father was accidentally killed by one of his fellow CIDs (they were 5 in a team). However, he was taught that 4 of them killed his father. Ever since, he studied hard and tried all means to get into police force to take revenge. He did and he killed 3 of them. Before he killed the last one, his plan was discovered and he was arrested. He was told the actual story of his father’s death. 5 of them managed to ambush some drug traffickers and they secretly kept the Singapore dollar 600 thousand. Eventually, when they looked for the money. Each of the 5 denied its where about. The boy’s father was the greatest suspect. He was accidentally killed in a conflict that pursuit. The investigating officer discovered his father was the culprit.
- I want to show that when a person is given a wrong goal, idea, direction in life, like the boy above, he will work hard to achieve that target. But that target is not the truth, the real facts, and most important of all it is something true. He blindly works so hard for it. Whatever action, effort, and all the so called energy he took, he hit at the wrong target. Just because he was shown the wrong way, the wrong road. Given wrong target, the way, the means used to hit the target is also wrong.

- In today’s passage, Jesus says He is the way of life. Jesus says, “I am the way, the truth and the life.” (John 14:6) If we come to Jesus, He will always show us the right way to achieve our target, our goal, or whatever we need in life. It can be problem to be solved, a crisis, etc.

B. The context of the John 14: 6
- Jesus says, “I am the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the father except through me.” (John 14:6) The whole passage before this, starting from verse 1 is about how Jesus comforting His disciples because he was leaving them, they were worried. We can understand the disciples’ anxiety because they had spent 3 years of their lives with Jesus, witnessing Him performing miracles, listening to His best powerful teaching, healing of the sick, prayers and chasing out demons. Now, Jesus said that He wanted to leave them, it was unavoidable that they were anxious, lost in direction, they did not know the way forward. If you were the disciples, will you think so?

- No wonder Jesus needed to comfort them, instructing them that He was going to prepare the place for them. He even said that He was coming back to receive them to go the place He would go. He told them the way and the place he was going. Despite the instruction of where He was going Thomas was still honest to say that he did not know the way Jesus was going. Therefore, Jesus has to answer and say, ‘I am the way, the truth and the life…’

- Jesus is also very clear in instructing that seeing Him is equal to seeing His father. Because Philip once again requested to show His Father, Jesus again said that seeing Him is equivalent to seeing His Father. He further explained that He is in the Father and the Father is in Him. The words He said to the disciples were all from His father. They have such intimacy and close communication.

- In the process of explanation about the way, the promise made by Jesus is very serious. A promise that always challenges and inspires me to do great job for Jesus. A promise that always drives me to prayer to trust Him.

- In verse 12, He simply promises that those who have faith in Him, they will do greater works than Him, as He goes to the father! How to do it? I strongly believe the answer is found in verse 13 and 14. It is in prayer. “And I will do whatever you ask in my name, so that the Son may bring glory to the Father. You may ask me for anything in my name, and I will do it.” I cannot afford to miss this promise. Whenever I do God’s work, I realize Jesus will give me the power to accomplish the impossible task. If I ask anything in His name, He will do it. If I do not ask in His name He will not do it. The crucial question now is “Have I asked in His name?”

- How to ask in Jesus’ name? Is it as simple as praying and end in the name of Jesus? For some may be so. For those who think Jesus can be manipulated; who replace Jesus just as an idol; who are not submissive to Jesus in our life and live a sinful life; who treat Jesus like a maid; who wants to fulfill our own greed and personal desire; our prayers in the name of Jesus is just speaking to the air, it has no power at all.

- For those who simply come before Jesus, with a repentant heart, admitting our total helplessness; confessing our deepest sin and willingness to do Jesus’ desire; and expressing our total dependence on Jesus and Him alone, our prayers, then, are done in Jesus’ name.

- This is because Jesus says, “I am the way, the truth, and the life, no one comes to the father except through me.” Only when we come to realize that Jesus is the way for everything, only then, we realize do the impossible for Him. Only then, we can even do greater things than Him.

- Therefore, what is the greatest problem, trouble, hurdle, worry, anxiety, sin, sickness, etc bothering you now? Have you come to Jesus as He is the way to your solution?

C. The way, the truth, and the life

- I believe this phrase is not just referring to the way of eternal life. It has a deep meaning. Jesus is the source of the way, the truth and the life. The reason is simple because He is God.

- Therefore, when you and I pray in the name of Jesus, He answers, He will make sure we do greater things than Him.

- The question is why Jesus must first say “I am the way”? Why Jesus does not first say “I am the truth” or “I am the eternal life”?

- E. Stanely Jones, American United Methodist Church famous missionary, a man filled with strong conviction to make disciples among the Indian. He lived for more than 80 years and he spent 50 years in India. He wrote more than 30 books. He wrote in his book called “Word Became Flesh” (in my possession), he asked the readers that question.

- I believe his answer is very revealing. I pray that you will understand his simple answer.

- He said only in Jesus you find the truth and life. This is because Jesus is the source of all truth and life. Jesus is the way that gives the truth and the life. Therefore, the way must be first.

D. Applications
- When we have whatever need (whatever challenges in life), after we are sure of it, ultimately we need to find a method, a solution or a way to solve the problem or meet the need correct or not?

- Today, if you are able to grasp the teaching of Jesus regarding He is the way…, when we have challenges, we will quickly come to Jesus to ask Him to show us the way to meet our needs. This is because He is the way, the source to solve our problems, to meet our deepest needs.

- Then, your understanding of Jesus and His teachings, your relationship with Him becomes very significant. The more you know Him, the more intimate a relationship you will have with Him. A relationship between God and a human being. With that relationship, you will be able to come His way all the time. His way of everything will flow to you! Have you got it?

- A lot of time, we are not familiar with Jesus and His teachings, therefore, it is very difficult for us to talk about an intimate relationship with Jesus. Therefore, we do not know He is the way to everything, and of course, most of the times, we do not come to Him when we have all the challenges in life.

- Take note, human way or method is always full of hatred, revenge, jealousy, selfishness, greed, cunning, hypocrite, etc.

- Jesus’ way is peace, joy, let go, submit our worries to Him, see the success of others and allow others to become our teachers, …

- At the moment, I have brought several needs before Jesus: whether I allow my daughter to go overseas or not? How to help my mother side, the Chieng’s family to come to know Jesus and be saved? Seeking His guidance to develop a cross cultural disciple making pastoral model.

- I still seek the help of Jesus on how to help my 4 children to develop godly characters in their life. I have getting answers from Jesus through reading books on bringing up boys and girls; through listening to my deep inner voice in my time of quietness with Him. He speaks to me when I pray, when I listen to songs or when I praise Him in singing; when I am attending a worship. I am always reminded by Jesus to show good example in my life to my children.

- Recently, as I pray for my children, Jesus reminded me to get the 3 younger children to do one BM sentence again. I obey and I start to do it again this year. Over the phone I get to pray for them again and again.

E. Conclusion
- If we do not, by all means come to Jesus, you see how much we miss in life.
- I pray that you see my point that if you miss Jesus, you miss everything in life. All that you need in life is found in Jesus, so, if you miss Him, you miss everything, really.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A Very Fruitful Chinese New Year (CNY)

Dear brothers and sisters,

Praise the Lord for my thesis supervisor, Dr Oy Saik has approved thesis proposal for my Master of Theology. I am now waiting for STS committee to query my proposal. After this, I shall spend 2 semesters to write it. Do pray that I will write a very practical thesis on how to become a BM speaking pastor so that I can use it to train more such pastors.

Children are more well behaved after CNY

My wife (over the phone) just told me that my 4 children become more well behaved after spending 10 days with my sisters-in-laws children. I believe there was good mutual influence about how to behave as siblings. I am relieved to hear that as she may have less stress from now on.

Devotion with in-laws and siblings

Upon the request of my sister-in-law, I did 2 times of quiet time with 4 adults (2 sisters-in-laws, 1 brother-in-law and my wife) and 8 children. I was all the time prepared to give a message to people. I grasped the opportunity to send very important messages to them as adults in parenting, as husband and wife and as sons and daughters. The first devotion was on the temptation of Jesus. We learn from Jesus on how to use the word of God to resist temptation. I explained the definition of sin and got them to participate in the devotion by giving examples of sin. A few of us spelt out our sins. I kept emphasizing to them when we correct ourselves from sins, wrong attitudes, wrong behaviours (e.g., manners), we will be forever right in that aspect of life, until we leave this earth.

My second devotion is on how King David committed adultery. I focused on the process of sinning against God. I got them to participate by describing the process of how a king sinned against God. From there, I taught that we do not underestimate the significance of so called sin like lying, cheating, bad attitude; if we do not repent or resist the temptations, they all lead to more serious sins and great punishment of God. God who is gracious and forgiving is also mentioned. I emphasized on the consequences of committing sin, like King David. I took the opportunity to warn them no sex before marriage and no watching of pornography and the consequences of doing so.

Reaching out to my mother side relatives

I also managed to meet up with the uncles and aunties (and their children and grandchildren) of my mother side. Most of them, I had not met them for over 30 years! A few of them I could not recognize them after so many years! We all get old and we had a lot of laughter! There are 20 of them. Some came as far as Sibu and Limbang to KK. Only 4 of them are Christians. I encourage all of them to believe Jesus and attend church. As for my auntie and my cousins and their children who are still here, I keep telling them I have mission with them. Last night, I made 4 phone calls to invite them to Chap Goh Men organized by Agape Methodist Church for their Mandarin service.

I also met up with my father side uncle and auntie and their children and grandchildren. I also encouraged them to come back to church as they backslide.

Visitation with Agape Methodist Church

My whole family also joined the Agape Methodist Church first day New Year visitation after the service. I could see that Agape church members are close to one another. One family even invited their non-Christian friends to visit. I also grasped the opportunity to make friends with them. In another house, I managed to encourage 2 baptized brothers who backslide to come back to church. In 2 families, I engaged 2 persons in personal talks and I show concerns for them.

My children were attending class with me in visitation

I pray that we all reach out to our friends and relatives all the time. If we are so close to one another and related to one another through blood ties, how can we afford not to see them in heaven to be with Jesus. I told my children they must get to know our relatives as inside their bodies have the blood of Chieng family (my mother is Chieng). As my children went with me, I also told them, they were attending class with me in remembering our relatives. I got their contacts (including email addresses and face book accounts) for future communication like this. I shall send them my updates and devotions. In this little way, I make a difference for Jesus!

A faithful disciple of Christ,
Pastor Law Hui Seng
(KK, STS, 31st January, 2012)

Posted By Teresa Han

Friday, January 27, 2012

Beyond Sacrifice

Dear brothers and sisters,

Praise the Lord I had a chance to play Chinese chess with my 95 year old father-in-law few nights ago. It was a great fellowship with a great learning which I called beyond sacrifice.

My father-in-law fell sick last December. For a few months we could not play chess. This time we resumed. Though I was defeated, I learnt a great insight about life.

As usual, I was attacked most of the times as I could hardly have the chance to attack him. He is so good in both defending and attacking at the same time. It was a 2 hour game. Towards the end of the game, we both left with a canon and a vehicle. His king was well protected by his 2 buses and 2 elephants; he only left one soldier. I only left 1 bus, one elephant, but 3 soldiers. He was skilful enough to eat 2 of my 3 soldiers.
At that crucial moment, on one hand, deep down in my heart, I told myself, I would properly lose the game, on the other hand, I told myself not to give up, I need to persevere in making all the right moves. I was also hoping for a surprising win. I need to make extraordinary moves. I need to make moves which were not within his calculation.

In that game, I hardly had a chance to attack him. How to attack him? I need to answer this question in the midst of the long fought battle. I made used of my only soldier left and it was at his bottom line. He had assumed that it was not effective anymore. I made full use of this oversight and I created a rare opportunity to attack him, by sacrificing my canon in exchange for his bus. He commented that it was a very brave move. That was the only positive comment which came from him throughout the whole game. The sacrifice that almost turned the whole game to my advantage! I got to attack his king a few times and got very near to finish the game.

However, he is a very good chess player, a very experienced one. Though he did not foresee my sacrificial move, a surprised move, and an extraordinary move, he was very careful not to make any wrong move. In the end, he still beat me!

Why I still want to write despite my loss? The reason is very simple. I learn a very precious insight about chess and life. When I sprang an extraordinary and unexpected sacrifice, I open myself to the golden opportunity of a chance to attack and to win. I see golden opportunities beyond the sacrifice. Without the sacrifice, I only wait for defeat and loss!I do not want it.

In relating to life and theology, I see the value of sacrifice in life. In life, most people see it as something negative, nothing good about it! Do you see it that way too? When someone chooses to forgive and not hate; not insist on compensation and let go; choose not to take revenge and bless, etc, there is sacrifice involved. When a sacrifice is made, not only both sides are blessed, people who are directly or directly involved in our lives are blessed. May be it can save a life, a marriage, a friendship, business, a church split; restore dignity and integrity, etc. You see the good opportunities available behind a sacrifice.

There are just too many values behind a sacrifice. This is constantly appearing in my personal reflection upon the sacrifice made by Jesus on the cross. I see that the sacrifice made by Jesus on the cross has such a powerful extensive impact in so many peoples’ lives. Jesus made a sacrificial death for my sins and the sins of mankind, I buy that. He overcame death by resurrection; He now has the power to forgive your sins and my sins.

Without the sacrifice of our dear Lord Jesus, you and me may not know how to deal with our sins, and we forever live under the guilt and all the consequences of our sins.

I always come to the conclusion that, Jesus is the best example to show us how to made a sacrifice. Yes, you may insist all the love, justice, benefits, good treatments, privileges, well-beings, welfare, respect and dignity, forgiveness, etc, which you deserve as human beings. When these virtues are denied, will you prepare to sacrifice so that Jesus’ kingdom may advance?

When I have a conflict with my wife, I always ask myself what is at stake. Is it my pride, own interest, own anger, some emotional feelings, etc, that bothers me? Or, is it some teachings of the bible, fear of Christ, certain Christ’s teaching, etc, at stake? If it is the former, I tend to keep quiet and not to waste my energy to sin against Jesus. If it is the later, I know righteousness is at stake, I would clearly make my stand and leave her to God. I believe in the process of doing so, a certain degree of sacrifice is involved. I do not mean to say she is wrong I am right or vice-versa. I leave it to Jesus to judge and her. On my part, I make sure I am at peace with Jesus. And I make sure I do not sin against my wife according to the teachings of Jesus.

Will you join me in following Christ in making sacrifices in order to make disciples of all nations (including your wife, husband, children, and the people around you; and also the people whom you minister)?

A Faithful disciple of Christ,
Pastor Law Hui Seng
(KK, Chinese New Year, in-laws house, 25th Jan, 2012)

Posted by Teresa Han

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Something personal from me

Can my wife stand the stress?

There was a strong urge for me to share our experience of decision making for our twins, after talking to my wife over the phone (I am in KK and she is in Miri) just now. We understand that moving from primary 6 to form 1 in BM (Malay Language) is a big jump. We decided to get them to do BM tuition, once a week. We are also very concern about their English ability, for their future career and personal development, etc. This one requires 2 times a week to go for tuition. We asked ourselves about the need for it. Their basic grammar is weak and looks like, they need it. But, as I think and even ask Jesus about it, I naturally come to think of my wife, whether she can stand the stress of transporting them around? I am not around to relieve her. Can her heart valve leakage problem stand the tiredness? I told her about it just now, as a caring husband. She took note of my point. I ever told her last year (December) that deep down in my heart, I did not want to lose my wife because she was overtired and overstressed, I did not want my 4 children to lose their beloved mother because of this unnecessary reason or our miscalculations. I also told my children to help out as far as possible at home to relieve their mom of the stress. At the moment, everyday, she is 2 to 3 hours on the road already!

The last time she had a recurrence of breathlessness was because of overtiredness and stress. Just now, I really said to her that the tuition was secondary, her health was the major factor to consider. We resort to pray about it, and only make a decision later.

I pray that my sharing will bless you, and help you all to draw near to Jesus.

A faithful disciple of Jesus,
Pastor Law Hui Seng
(10.20pm, Tuesday, STS, KK, 10th Jan, 2012)

Posted By Teresa Han

Monday, January 9, 2012

A Year Full of Thanksgiving

Dear brothers and sisters,

May this letter give all the glory and honor to our Lord Jesus Christ. Though this is a thanksgiving letter, it reflects how Jesus is so real in my life. Jesus is the reason I write this letter. May you all be encouraged by my letter.

First and foremost, I thank Jesus for He is all the time reminding me to work at my 2011 resolutions. I managed to read my bible from Genesis to Judges. In the area of evangelism, though I did not bring 2 persons to Christ, I put in efforts to reach out to my mom’s elder brother children and their families at KK. They came for an evangelistic meeting. Their few children came 2 times to Agape Methodist Church Sunday School. I did 4 times of bible studies and taught about 5 Indonesians on the subject of prayer. I reached out to Tudan Ibans (Miri) during my breaks. I did one mission trip to Ulu Belaga, Long Malim Penans and prayed for 6 families. Privately, when I met people and stranger, I always introduced Jesus to them and encouraged them to go to Church.

I read about raising girls by James Dobson, though I did not finish the book. It did help me to realize that they are very different from boys. I need to help them to be fine girls.

My private phone calls back to Miri regularly and discipline my twins to read a self-made Bahasa Malaysia (BM) sentence regularly had helped them to score B and C in the UPSR (primary 6) was a great testimony of Jesus’ help. My twin 2, Elliot, though a dyslexia, did well in his UPSR. He was able to score 3B, and 4C. Even his subject teachers were surprised by his expected better results. The form teacher informed my wife about it a few days ago when we went to take the RM100 government grant for each child. Jesus used the principal, all my son’s teachers and my wife and myself to help him. Thought he is dyslexia, we never give up on him. From primary 1 to primary 3, he always get the second last position in class despite tuition. Eventually we discovered he is a dyslexia in primary and we sent him for 3 months special training at Kuching Dyslexia Association headed by Dr Ong. The training built up his confidence and eventually, he improved much in his studies. Praise the Lord for using the dedicated teachers at the association who helped my son to build up his confidence. I strongly believe as he moves on with his brother in Form One, in Chung Hua Secondary School, with the help of the teachers and parental encouragements, they will only get better in their studies and characters as Jesus desires them.

Secondly, I thank Jesus for the good health of my family members. Though my wife is down with heart valve leakage, her health does not get worse. She was able to face the stress of taking care 4 children without me around as I studied at Sabah Theological Seminary (STS). There was only one time of recurrence of breathlessness. Though blood pressure shot up even higher during my studies, now, it is back to normal.

Thirdly, I thank Jesus for one year of studies, regular phones back to my family, monthly trip back to Miri and more rest seem to give healing to our family relationships. As a family, we become much closer to one another and we become happier.

Fourthly, I thank Jesus for using Grace Methodist Church (GMC) brothers and sisters to care for my family during my absence. Jesus used many brothers and sisters from near and far to pray for us and provide for our needs. With all these supports, we are so encouraged, and truly felt Jesus is very real. We just need to keep passing the love of Jesus on and on.

Fifthly, I thank Jesus for providing me with very good supervisor (Dr Oy Saik) and readers (Rev Dr Thu and Bishop Thomas), lecturers and STS community. Praise the Lord for the excellent community life where different races live together so harmoniously. They show me good examples of living together as different races.

Sixthly, I thank Jesus for I find Agape Methodist Church and serve together happily with them in KK on Sundays; and able to preach at other Methodist churches a few times. These helped me to get to know other disciples of Jesus in other Methodist churches. I always find it very exciting to see them growing to be more like Christ outside Sarawak.
Finally, I thank Jesus for my wife and 4 children who supported me in these 2 years of theological studies. Deep down in their hearts, they knew, they did it for Jesus. My training will equip me to impact more lives for Christ.

Let us together, we look forward to 2012, and very much allow Jesus Christ to be number one in our lives. May Jesus make all the difference in our lives.

A Faithful disciple of Jesus,
Pastor Law Hui Seng
(Miri, 31st December, 2011)

Posted By Teresa Han