Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Dear brothers and sisters,

Praise the Lord I have something to share with you again. I pray that all of us treasure our time on earth and show our deepest love for the people around. Your love for them will reflect Jesus in your life.

Praise the Lord for my twins who passed all the subjects in their primary 6 UPSR. My effort of calling back from KK to get them to do one sentence in BM really helps very much. They get B and C for comprehension and essay writing. I pray that they will continue to improve their BM and later on, they can use BM to preach and make disciples of all nations. They are not that good in studies but they are willing to try harder. They did not go for tuition and they can still pass all. As a father, I am so proud of them. Of course, my wife deserves all the praise. She has done it with flying colors. We celebrated at Mcdonald on Thursday.

I visited a long house and preached at Sg Burid last Sunday night with Hwai En Methodist Church members. They have been faithfully reaching the folks for about 15 years. Recently they baptized more than 50 persons there. One poor old Iban lady asked for prayer for her bruised arm and I realized she needed medical attention. Praise the Lord the team leader was sensitive to the need and brought her to see doctor that night at Miri General Hospital emergency department. She had a serious fall and broke her wrist bone. We are so glad to be able to show our Christ’s love for her.

A powerful conversation with my son

Few days ago I was involved in approving my twin sons to stay for 2 nights at his classmate’s (Joseph) house. They only approached their mom; and they did not approach me for permission as the father. I thought my wife should say no. My wife respected me as the head of the family (later on I told her after my conversation with my wife), and she referred Elliot to me. I was so happy she did. This gesture had challenged me not to turn down the request straight away without reasoning with them as they wanted it very much. Deep down in my heart, I struggled to let them do it as I do not know the background of Joseph family well enough. However, I decided right then, to use a test to decide whether to allow them to go or not. If Elliot could convince me that he was good enough to handle the security situation, I would let them go. They love fishing, so I asked what if his friend invited them to go fishing without the accompaniment of the adults. He gave the expected answer, no. I asked all the questions to help him to give me explanations for his answer. He said it was dangerous as he might be drowned. I pushed him further and asked what was the big deal about drowning! He said we would be very sad as parents. I said he passed the test and we trusted them to be with his friend’s family to behave themselves during this weekend. After the incident, I told my wife it was actually an encounter where I trained my children.

This incident also helped us to get to know Joseph’s parents, and we had breakfast together this morning. His mother is a Foochow Chinese and his father is a Kayan who speaks Foochow and Mandarin. I am amazed by his ability. We are able to encourage them to be strong in their Christian faith and prayed for them. I even encouraged Joseph to become a pastor like me, and he told his mom about it.

A faithful disciple of Jesus,

Pastor Law Hui Seng
(18th November, 2011. Miri Home)

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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Dear brothers and sisters,

I pray that Jesus is the bottom line for all your decision makings in family, career, relationships, business, ministry, and mission. I pray that you get personal with Jesus in every sense.

I have been one week in Miri. It is excellent to be with my family and I enjoy every second of it. I see improvements in my 4 children's character. They are more responsible in doing house chores; more harmonious; and more cooperative.

My blood pressure has gone down a bit (130/90), though it is still slightly higher. I managed to reduce about 4kg this year! It is a tremendous boost to my health. My bad cholestrol is reduced, though it is on high side, the cholestrol level in my level is restored to normal; my uric acid level has gone down. This is a great news which encourages me for I take good care of my temple of God (where the Holy Spirit dwells) and I do not sin against Jesus by the sin of glutonny.

This morning I preached at Sekolah Menengah Kerajaan Lutong. I preached Jesus is the way to eternal life to over 300 students who will sit for SPM and STPM on Monday, teachers, and parents who are christians and non-christian. I emphasized the way of Jesus and come to Jesus to look for help in Jesus. I shared about how Jesus helped me to overcome my dyslexia by studying hard; how Jesus helped my son, Elliot, a dyslexic, to overcome his dyslexia. I shared about how I am not good in studies but I always study and work hard. I was invited to that school near my Miri home by my Form 6 (Sibu, Sacred Heart Secondary School) classmate, sister Magdalene Su. She was always the top student, and I asked the students to emulate her example.

Western Chess - An Excellent Fellowship with Rev Jatan
During the last week of my last semester, after I finished all the research papers, I acquired the skill of Western Chess. (By the way, my sincere thanks to brothers and sisters who pray for me during my stressful time of reading quite a few thousands of Christian literature and writing 5 papers of 10,000 words each. I experienced Jesus in a real personal manner in my research about how to become a Bahasa Malaysia speaking pastor)

Thank for Rev Jatan, an Iban speaking pastor from Sarawak Iban Annual Conference, a sister conference of Sarawak Chinese Annual Conference, where I belong, as a Methodist. I never forget the skill he taught me. That night, after the 2 defeats, I learn so much and I realized the western chess could be as complicated as the Chinese chess, if not more complicated. It is such a wonderful game which I should have learnt earlier! Anyway, I have no regret of learning it at my age of 45!

Though defeated in those 2 games, my relationship with Rev Jatan is very much closer. During those solid one and half hour, I need to imagine what he imagined. I need to enter his mind and tried to find out what he thought. That was fellowship. Also, after the game, we spent another hour sharing about ministry, learning in humility, and mutual encouragement. That was real close fellowship. He taught a few tricks and strategies in western chess.

Praise the Lord, I now have a very good grasp of the western chess. I came back to Miri, and I passed my western chess skill to my 3 younger children who are willing to learn from me. They feel good about defeating me as our standards are the same! They like to play with me because they beat their dad. As a result, I also experienced very good fellowship with them. I use western to train them to do social interaction, analysis, planning, and learning to take defeats and winnings in life.

I thank Jesus for sending Rev Jatan to teach me this great skill of Western chess. He may have achieved much more in me than he thinks as I also tell my children to teach his friends.
By all means, spend time with your family members and enjoy fellowship with them in chess, and other things you do for relaxation.

God bless.

A faithful disciple of Jesus,
Pastor Law Hui Seng
Saturday, ‎12 ‎November, ‎2011

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Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Dear brothers and sisters,

Praise the Lord, after 2 months, I am now back to writing my update and some meditation again. I have finally finished all my research papers on making disiciples, globalization and becoming BM pastors. Honestly, these papers have helped me to find answers to the challenges I face in my last 17 years of ministry and BM ministry in particular. I feel like I want to share the answers as soon as possible. With this, all my course works are done, I now left only the 2 examinations which I shall sit on early January, and the thesis proposal before the Chinese New Year. Thanks very much to all of you who pray for me and my family.

I will be back to Miri on 6th November, and I shall come back to KK again on 2nd January, 2012.


I am speaking as a faithful disciple of Jesus. I pray for politicians in Malaysia in view of the next General Election which is only due in 2013.
I strongly believe that whoever holds the power to the next government, they are being put there by God Almighty, all the more Jesus Christ.
Jesus is looking for politicians whose greatest conviction and calling on earth is to serve the rakyat with compassion, strong accountability, humility and able to admit mistakes and say sorry, willing to set a high standard of morality and character, treating all races and ethnic groups with love, and justice regardless of religions, race and gender, having a special place in his or her heart, mind and soul for the poor people, willing to meet the needs of the rakyat like a shepherd who takes care of his sheep (or like parents who take care of his children), and most important of all, write laws that put people's interest at heart. May Jesus call these kinds of politicians to office in the next General Election.

In the next general election, I pray for candidates who are corrupted; who practices cronyism and nepotism; who are going in to get as much land, projects, undertable money, and benefits; who thinks and behaves like he or she is a master and the rakyat are his or her servants; who only takes care of one race; who practices injustice, Jesus will remove them from office. May Jesus help him or her to repent and start all over.
Jesus is against greed, corruption, injustice, selfishness, racialism, concentration of wealth and resources of the country in the hands of a few big corporates, hatred, and policies who do not bear in mind the poor people.

May brothers and sisters pray for upright, putting rakyat's interest above all other interests, honest, responsible, moral, humble, and God fearing politicians to rule Malaysia.
A Faithful Disciple of Jesus,
Pastor Law Hui Seng
(29th October, 2012, STS, KK)

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