Thursday, March 21, 2013

A Faithful Disciple of Jesus – Late Bro Eu How Chii

Dear disciples of Jesus,

Brother Eu How Chii (89 years old) went to be with Jesus on 12th January, 2013. I believe he is Jesus’ faithful disciple on earth. I know him personally. When I was a young pastor at Kuching Chin Daw Methodist Church (1998), I came to know him. We served Jesus together closely for one year as I was only posted to the church for one year. Though it was just short one year, he left a deep memory in my life as a faithful disciple of Jesus. I would like to share with you my experience with him.

A Lay Preacher

He was a lay preacher who feared Jesus more than anything. He prepared his Sunday sermon thoroughly. He delivered his sermons with great conviction and remaining faithful to God’s word. He walked the talk. He joined me in visitation to numerous families, prayed for people and participated in pioneering Desa Wira outreach ministry. At the initial stage of setting up Kuching Faith Methodist Church mandarin service, I was busy and tired, and so I asked to preach monthly, he committed to it without fail. He always delivered his promise. He also secured some fund from the government to build Chin Daw new church. He was teaching God’s word for many years at Kuching Serenti Drug Rehabilitation Centre. As if, he grasped every opportunity to serve Jesus.

Local Church Executive Committee

He was a very committed LCEC leader who never missed any committee meeting. His lay leader report was always available. He gave constructive ideas and guided the LCEC whenever possible. He made me felt that he always desired Jesus’ church to move forward. I could see how he exercised his faith. He always supported all our church decisions with action and love.

A Prayer Warrior

He never missed weekly prayer meetings. He loved to pray and he set a good example for the rest to follow. He kept a record of his prayer items. He remembered to pray for my mother’s health ever since I mentioned it in the church prayer meeting. After I left Chin Daw, I still called him to greet him. He told me he still prayed for my mother! That was extraordinary and it impacted my life. As far as possible, I remembered to call him to thank him for the prayer for my mother. Each time we talked over the phone, he would encourage me by saying all the positive biblical words. I knew he was ill but he never said he was suffering from his illness. He just said joyfully God’s grace was sufficient for him.

My last meeting with was last year, 3rd December Holy Communion Sunday. He still drove to church for the Sunday service. His eyes brightened up and he smiled when we shook hand. He was joyful and full of the Spirit of Jesus. He walked slowly. He did not want to be served the Holy Communion at the pew. He would follow everyone else and lined up and knelt down at the Holy Communion rail to receive his holy communion. I asked his son brother David Eu why he did it. The explanation was it symbolized he was in Christ like Apostle Paul, “I am in Christ.”

He is still survived by his wife, Ling Tung Bee, 2 sons and 2 daughters and the in-laws, 9 grandchildren and a great grandchild. I know all his children and I should say he left behind two generations of godly descendents. He impacted their lives.

I may not be able to say much to remember brother Eu How Chii as what he had done for Jesus on earth was much more. He really had fought a good battle on earth and left behind a legacy of faithful discipleship. He really served until the day he left this world!

Update About Myself

Please pray for me as I spend my sabbatical year with my family, writing a book and doing mission. My prayer items are:

1. Pray that my family will be as faithful as late brother Eu How Chii in our discipleship.

2. Thank God for I have completed almost 2 chapters of my book (out of 13 chapters). Pray that I can finish another chapter by the end of this month. My chapter is ‘How much my family meant to me.’

3. Pray that those politicians who are corrupted will be removed in this election.

4. Pray that our Ulu Belaga missionaries for the Penan will solve their driving problem. The lady missionaries find difficulties to drive on timber roads during rainy days.

I pray that we all serve Jesus faithfully throughout our life so that we will not regret as we are about to see Christ.

A Faithful disciple of Jesus,

Pastor Law Hui Seng

(Miri, 20th March, 2013 Sabbatical)

Posted By Teresa Han