Sunday, May 22, 2011

Dear brothers and sisters,

I have been in Miri since 14th May. I am really enjoying my time with my wife and 4 children. I seem to treasure my time with them more everyday compared to when I was with them everyday last time. I have been playing chess and basketball with my children. I have also been watching TV with them; teaching them in BM and other subjects. I feel like I am able to make up for the loss of last few years. I am all the time being reminded by my wife and Christian literature that they cannot wait for me. I feel very good to spend time with them.

One child asked me to play chess and basketball, I was very proud to be able to do it. Last time I could not do it promptly. Now, the 4 children are all asking me to go for swimming during their school holidays. I will be there.

Also, my blood pressure has returned to its normal level, 125 over 85. It is something I believe can help me in my service to God and make disciples of all nations, both among Chinese and the indigenous people of Sarawak.

I also pray that you all also treasure your time with your family members.

A faithful disciple of Jesus,
Pastor Law Hui Seng
(22nd May, 2011, Miri)

Posted by Teresa Han

Monday, May 16, 2011

Dear brothers and sisters,

Praise the Lord I have completed all my assignments. I passed up my last paper on 14th May. I really enjoyed doing all the papers. It was a great privilege to be able to spend time to think through the issues of life and ministry and I dealt with them in my papers. I felt like I became more confident after that.

Iban people need Jesus

Today I preached at Tudan Methodist Church in Miri. I felt very at home with the over 100 congregation Iban brothers and sisters. I felt very good to be with them. I preached a sermon on honoring parents in Bahasa Malaysia (Malay Language). After my preaching, I announced for the congregation to come forward after service to be prayed for. It was part of my sermon.

Based on James 5, I always use olive oil to anoint and bless them. About 15 parents and youths came forward. I ministered with brother Wong Kung Kui. He has great burden to do mission among Ibans also. A few cases warrant my records here. The following most striking cases again reminds me of the great need of Ibans for Jesus.

This middle aged Iban had a dream where he lost one tooth last night. He confessed that normally in Iban culture, it meant very bad things was going to happen. He was very worried and scared of it. As he described it, he almost cried. I could see he was holding back his tears though he eyes were wet. I assured him of the greatest power of Jesus in overcoming the so called bad omen of the dream. I kept emphasizing not to believe in the dream but believe in Jesus to overcome the dream. I also explained that it was psychological to dream about it as he might be worried day time. I also told him if it was the devil’s attack Jesus could overcome it also. Then, I put in all my heart to anoint him and bless him. I asked bro Kung Kui who understood his situation better than me to pray and lay hands on him. As he prayed, I notice drops of tears coming down from his eyes and he even cried out. I strongly believed that Jesus used our prayers to minister to him and he felt relieved. After that I gave him a good hug and I really told him, “Jesus loves you” in BM.

In another case, one mother complained about the rebellion of his son. My heart felt for him (and cried) and really advised him he must repent, only then, there was future for him. In the end, I felt so much for him I even gave him a very good hug.

One sister in her early 30s came forward to be prayed for, she confessed that she went to see Bomoh before she was a Christian for her health problem. She was told her problem could be solved with the RM200 that she paid. The healing did not occur. Now, she is coming to church to trust God for healing. I remind her to see a doctor but I did pray for her health problem.

Another sister was prayed for by us. She was a young Christian and uneducated. But she hungered for the word of God. She is very much into reading the Bible. Bro Kung Kui was impressed by her. Me too.

From all these cases, I really thank God that we have built a Church there. Now, this church is a huge blessing to them. Also, I saw numerous children (about 70) and at least 20 youths in the congregation. Our youths are teaching in the children Sunday School. One sister from SIB is coming to help in the Sunday School. All these are signs of good progress. Grace Methodist Church members are helping them to do English for fun fortnightly.

I really see that Iban people need Jesus. Praise the Lord, our church is there to offer Jesus to them.

I also had a chance to talk to the pastor-in-charge, Rev Chan Jing Mei (who took over the ministry from me in 2006), who is very committed to do Iban mission also. I asked for her input about what important content I should put down in the curriculum I want to develop for adult Ibans. She emphasized writing about building up their faith and how to overcome sins.

A faithful disciple of Jesus,
Pastor Law Hui Seng
(Miri, 15th May, 2011)

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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Dear brothers and sisters,

Last week I did not write to you as I was busy with my studies. Praise the Lord I was able to reduce at 3kg of my weight. I eat very little rice but eat plenty of vegetable. One wonderful thing is I do not experience hunger though I do not eat as much rice. With that, my blood pressure also go down from 140/100 to 130/85. I also cut down on meat and do regular exercise for one hour everyday 5 days a week. I strongly believe that when I am physically fit, I am more effective for Jesus and make disciples of all nations.

No Win No Loss

Today is Parents' Sunday, I was able to play a very good game of chess with my father-in-law just now for about 3 hours again. I was leading all the way. I pressurized him from the beginning till the end. I was preparing to celebrate as thought I would win. I wanted to win very much and the most I get from him was a draw. What happened?

I must salute my father-in-law for his never give up defence. He might to lose the game but he kept defending and never gave up. He held on and he never let loose and give up. He just perseveres to defend. I tempted him to make a mistake but he calculated his every move very carefully and there was no mistake regardless of how I attacked. I have one canon, one horse and a little soldier. He only had one horse. I could not win. In the end, I have to settle with a draw. Again, I learnt something precious here.
I learn that in life, sometimes, you have to settle with the best that is no win no loss. Though you want to very much win but God will only give no win no loss. Things are not getting worse nor getting any better. Do you have that kind of experience?

Despite the draw and there was no celebration but I experienced a great fellowship with my 94 year old father-in-law. He said for the first time I really improved my game. As for me, I use Chinese to do my spiritual exercise. I also play Chinese Chess with my 2 younger boys. They enjoy the games. I train them to do strategic thinking. It really enhances our father and son relationship. It is most spiritual we become closer because Jesus desires me to be close with my children.

Take it as a privilege to be parents and thank God often for it no matter how tough the job is. Do you say Amen to it?

From 14th May to 18th June, 2011, I will be having my semester break at Miri with my family.

A faithful disciple of Jesus,

Pastor Law Hui Seng
Posted by Teresa Han

(Parents' Sunday, KK, STS, 8th May, 2011)

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Dear brothers and sisters,

Today is Easter Sunday. As I asked Jesus what to write during the week. I did not receive any inspiration until today after the service at my in-laws' house this morning. I had 2 very powerful encounters at my in-laws' house.

I was so amazed by the words of one politician in a local newspaper. We Christians need to learn from that very dedicated and committed non-Christian politician. Here it goes. He said that we must not blame on racialism as the cause of the loss of most urban seats by Barisan National. He said that the causes of the loss of the different seats are due to quite a lot of local issues of different towns and the leadership issue of Sarawak. He said that we must not blame any race for the losses in this election. I believe (my interpretation) his bottom line in politics is politicians regardless of who is in power, politicians need to serve rakyat of all races. This is very much related to Jesus' teaching of making disciples among all nations, which also refer to different races. If a non-Christian politician has this in mind and practice, what more to say we as disciples of Jesus, He died and He is risen for all races, skin colours, languages, the rich and the poor, the marginalised, the oppressed, the rejected, etc, we must by all means do even more. The powerful word of God in the bible and the Spirit of Jesus must enable you and me to do it, isn't it? Do you agree with me?

Another powerful encounter was with my father-in-law (94 years old) whom I played chess with every Sunday afternoon. In the past, most of the times, he beat me. Through all the losses, I learned from my mistakes and he coached me. In this recent few Sundays (including today, 3), I managed to beat him twice and draw twice and lost twice. Every Sunday, I practised my spiritual exercise of playing chess with him. I am always very satisfied regardless of whether I win or loss or draw. The only reason is over the chess, I learn so much about life. As I play chess, as my father-in-law and I make every move, it looks like it is every move in life has its risks, opportunities, dangers, pains, hurts, joy, sadness, etc. Every move must be carefully thought and plan, it has its serious consequences. I experience most of the most of the times, one wrong move can cause me to lose my game. Most of the times, I made careless mistake by not analysing thoroughly the consequences of my move. In life, in spiritual life, in your relationship with God, with people and yourself, have you calculated your move and make good and wise decision, like you are in a chess game, you make good, wise, carefully thought plans and execute it, for Jesus?
I like to share with you something Jesus gave me over a 3-hour chess game this afternoon. I was very careful with all my moves this afternoon (after all the coaching by my father-in-law), still I was not good enough to analyse his plan of attack. I was waiting for him to attack me and my strategy was to defend well. Most of the times, I attacked first and I lost all the times. I changed my strategy today. I thought my defence was strong but he managed to crack my wall of defence. He was so good that he forced me to sacrifice my powerful one of the 2 vehicles at the beginning of the match! It was a blow to my game. However, I exercise my spiritual strength of perseverance and I did not want to give up hope. I did not allow that blow to disturb my emotions, my analytical abilities, my plan to counter attack when given a chance, etc. In fact, I learn it from my father-in-law. I realized it was a very powerful.

Right from the beginning after the death of my vehicle, I was all the time under his attacks and I kept defending and never gave up. He was the topdog (in a very comfortable position and he could finish the game soon) and I was the underdog (as if I would lose anytime). I learnt this afternoon that, by not giving up even though I seemed to lose the game, in my most dangerous moment, it was my moment of turning around/ turning point/ golden opportunity, At the point of my father-in-law almost winning game, at the point of almost victory, it was also the moment when his defence was at the weakest and I spotted it. I grasped the RM1 million value chance and did the attack according to plan. As he kept attacking me, he also neglected to pay attention to my plan of attack. This was his greatest mistake. He was overconfident all the way. After the game, I evaluated his loss and I pointed this mistake and he agreed.

Now, it was my chance to counter attack and I attack all the way and at the same time I did not allow him to counter attack (he is always good at it). Because he neglected his defense, I was able to eat his important members. I won all the way with all the principles he taught me. Finally, I won the game after 3 hour very meditative fight!

I really agree with Jack Mezirow, a psychologist who teaches that we all learn to grow from an event that shakes our life. I got a blow in the chess game and I learnt not to give up and in the end I even won the game. I really learn that in life, I may seem to lose at first, but I persevere because Jesus says so, in the end, He causes me to win. My experience in Jesus is this: in the end, I always win. It is Jesus who gives me victory all the time.

Will you join me in this life faith journey to win people of all races to Christ? Remember, in Him, we will always win. You may write to ask me how? I will share with you how I win all the time in Christ.

A Faithful disciple of Jesus,
Pastor Law Hui Seng
(24th April, 2011, STS, KK)

Posted by Teresa Han