Wednesday, September 21, 2011

What do you need in life?

I can assure you that all of us in a gathering like this mooncake festival will definitely be blessed. The reason is very simple, God, who created the earth and human beings like you and me, love to see His children to gather together in peace. I believe after this, you will have very good memory of one another. You will have very good memory of one another because someone here remember you and invite you here. I pray to the Almigty God that after the gathering tonight we will not forget one another. Also, I pray that you will not forget about the message tonight.

My message to you tonight is "What do you need in life?" May be every one of us say we need money. And especially when we are very sick, we cannot go to work, we realize health is everything to us. When we are lonely, frustrated, felt nobody understand us, rejected, looked down by people, we especially feel the need for good, trustworthy, dependable, understanding, and caring friends, relatives and loved ones. Especially when we are in a big trouble, may be a conflict, threatened by very bad health, or even gangsters, threatened by a financial trouble (or worst still, you may have been too greedy, you have been cheated or failed in business, you face bankruptcy), you just feel you need someone who can help you, offer you a solution to solve your trouble. Have you had this experience before? May be you are in it now.

Some of us may have relationship problems between husband and wife. You may feel that your spouse cannot understand you and you are not appreciated and not wanted, you may even want a divorce at all costs because you cannot stand it anymore with all the stress. You feel you need someone to talk to.

Some of us you face high degree of stress, anxiety and frustration because of your children disobey you. They are addicted to computer, not studying, fight back and argue with you when you discipline them. You do not have an answer. You wish someone can come and share with you the asnwers on children nurture.

May be some of us are in illegal business, you are afraid that one day you will be caught, fined or put in jail, or sentence to death. So, you are all the time living in fear and anxiety. How you wish to get out of it but you cannot because you are entangled. Or, you do not want to get out of it because of the attractive income. But you always tensions in your heart and you have no peace. How you wish someone will show you a way out.
Especially when you are in a desperate situation, when all the human means are exhausted, you really wish there is a divine power to help you.
Now, I am not trying to sell expensive here. I just want to share with you how this divine power which I have accessed to transformed my life. I am a graduate of a local University, University Science of Malaysia (USM), Pulau Pinang, in Political Science in 1991. I used to be a very ambitious person when I was young, I aspired to be the deputy chief ministery of Sarawak when I grew up. Holding a lot of power and positions and status and society. I dreamt of living in a big house and driving luxurious cars. I am now 45 years old, married with 4 children, and I have a pastor in the Methodist Churches of Sarawak for 17 years. Why I changed my mind?

During my university second year, one night I prayed to God for university students, strangely, the more I prayed, I did not experience peace I have always wanted. I asked this God (Jesus), why I prayed and yet I did not have peace? By the way, I prayed to Jesus whom I believed since primary 4 when I attended church Sunday Schoool. He told me to give up all my dreams and serve Him as a pastor! Jesus spoke to my heart. Before this, I never heard Jesus calling me like that.

I honestly want to tell you tonight I did not have any struggle at all, I just gave out like that. If this what this divine God, Jesus want me to do, I do it. The moment I let go of my own dreams, peace is restored in my heart. Then, upon graduation, I went on to study theology for 3 years at Singapore to train myself to become a pastor.

What I do now is to stand between this God, Jesus, and people, like you. I always go to Jesus, who died for the sins of human beings on the cross, buried, and the third day rose from the death, now He is living. He has the power to forgive your sins; and grant you eternal life. No other human being ever died and became alive again, right? Have you come across one human like that? Jesus is God, the Almihgty God who became a human being 2,000 years ago. Only God can become human being, and died and live again. If Jesus is not God, I am lying here, I am wasting my time here, why I do not become a politician and enjoy all the luxurious life?

All the needs of human beings in life which I mentioned to you just now, they are all important needs. All these needs point to our greatest human for love. Why divorce? No love between husband and wife. Why cancer patients need doctors and nurses and family members to be around them? Why when you have a problem or a crisis, you need someone to help you or talk to you? You need love. You need love of fellow human beings.

But human love is limited, it does not solve all the problems. Just now I preached to you that sometimes the kind of problems you faced, you need divine intervention. Also, you cannot solve your own problem of your sins; and where do you go after you leave this world.

Tonight, I want to introduce you to this great God, Almighty, Jesus who according to the bible want to become your friend who can help you in all your problems, forgive your sins and grant you eternal life. Do you want to accept this friend into your hearts?

Just now I say I am standing between this Almighty God and you, in fact I mean myself and all christians, and all those who desire to become Jesus friends, you have accessed to His power and blessings. I just want to introduce you Jesus as a friend, do you welcome him into your heart? I have done that, my life is transformed. If I do not know Jesus and I had not invited Him into my life, I would have been dead by now because when I was young I used to mix with gangsters in Sibu. My neigbour gew up as gangster, and eventually he was killed as gangster.

Do grasp this opportunity to accept Jesus as your friend in this gathering. He is inviting you now to be His friend. As you accept His friendship, He will bless you all the way in your life. Do you want this blessing throughout your life and eternity?

Pastor Law Hui Seng
‎Monday, ‎12 ‎September, ‎2011

Posted By Teresa Han